Remembering BCIT Heavy Duty Mechanic student Jordan McIldoon

At 23 years old, Jordan McIldoon, born and raised in Maple Ridge, had found his groove. He was building a career in trades, following his dad in heavy duty mechanics. In his last year of the BCIT Heavy Duty Mechanic program, Jordan was working as an apprentice for Jacob Bros Construction. When he wasn’t working, … Read more

BCIT Foundation celebrates high-achieving students in 345 ways

Ask BCIT graduates what they think of their time at BCIT and many will tell you they worked hard just to survive. So, when we find graduating students who didn’t just survive but thrived in their areas of study, we take note and we celebrate. This past June, BCIT Foundation, along with our generous donors, … Read more

Recent grad Mariana Simões left postcard-perfect Brazilian beaches for a BCIT education and fresh start

11,219 kilometres, two proud parents, and one high-achieving BCIT grad. That’s the trifecta that made June 21, 2018 a very special day for the Simões family. It was Mariana Simões’ graduation day from BCIT’s Business Management diploma program, and her parents had travelled from Rio de Janeiro to see their daughter officially become a BCIT … Read more

Emil Bosnjak takes helm as new BCIT Alumni Association president

The BCIT Alumni Association (BCITAA) board of directors appointed Emil Bosnjak as president, following their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 11. Emil previously served on the board from 2003 to 2006. “I’m thrilled to return to the BCIT Alumni board as president, and look forward to giving back,” says Emil. “My BCIT education prepared … Read more

From a refugee fleeing persecution in Iran to an award-winning BCIT Civil Engineering student

As a child living in Iran, BCIT Civil Engineering student Moshtagh Mohammadi lived in constant fear. “Growing up, it was hard making friends because as a Bahá’i, you can’t go and tell everyone you’re Bahá’i or you’ll get jailed or thrown out of school,” says Moshtagh, whose family are Bahá’i. “Being super cautious takes your … Read more

BCIT Alumni Association AGM: BCIT grad and entrepreneur Nigel Bennett inspires alumni to change the world

When Nigel Bennett was in his first year of BCIT’s Mechanical Engineering diploma program, his marks were so low that the dean at the time told him he’d have to leave. Nigel begged to stay, promising to do whatever it took to earn that privilege. The dean told him that if he took all the … Read more

Mentees turned mentors: BCIT grads Dom Kwong and Yasamin Alami help steer students on the road to career success

When you look back on your life, can you identify someone who positively influenced your career path? Someone who was instrumental in helping you succeed? If you can, count yourself lucky. Mentorship can be a powerful catalyst for someone who is just starting his/her career. Just ask BCIT alumni Dominique Kwong and Yasamin Alami. They attribute … Read more

BCIT Foundation celebrates BCIT Alumni Association’s long-standing generosity, helping nearly 1,000 students

When it came to her career, Maria Miniyarova had a plan. After high school graduation, she would complete BCIT’s two-year Business Management diploma program, and then earn a Bachelor of Business Administration the following year (her third)—all while maintaining her waitressing job to pay for tuition. Everything was going according to plan until, at the … Read more

Prosthetics is the perfect combination of creativity, technology and patient care for this BCIT grad

“One of my first patients was just two years old,” recalls BCIT alumna and Certified Prosthetist Brittany Pousett of her early days at Barber Prosthetics. “I made her first prosthesis for her, and watching her grow into a confident, rambunctious five-year old is so rewarding.” The field of prosthetics gives Brittany the perfect blend of … Read more

The first graduating classes of BCIT’s Environmental Health program reunite after 50 years

Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon. The child-size electric oven was the popular toy. Tie-dye fashion was the rage. 1969 had many distinctions. For a certain group of people, it marked the year they became the first graduating class of BCIT’s Public Health Inspection (now Environmental Health Public Inspection) program. On … Read more