Change brings opportunity: How this real estate developer and BCIT grad builds better communities for Metro Vancouver

As a teen helping out at his father’s construction company over the summer, BCIT alumnus Daniel Boffo was given a variety of tasks. One of the tasks he enjoyed the least ended up giving him something that would underpin his career in the years to come. “My dad would tell me to go and stack … Read more

BCIT Alumni Association launches Hong Kong chapter

On January 22, BCIT alumni and corporate executives celebrated the launch of the BCIT Alumni Association’s (BCITAA) Hong Kong alumni chapter. The chapter will connect alumni and support BCIT’s extensive international activities in the region, including China and Vietnam. “This is an historic day for the BCIT Alumni Association, establishing our first international alumni chapter … Read more

NAPA Auto Parts Canada and Traction Heavy Duty Parts donates $115,000 to BCIT

Thanks to a generous $115,000 gift from NAPA Auto Parts and Traction Heavy Duty Parts, BCIT students will be able to train with state-of-the-art tools, ensuring they are job ready upon graduation. “This gift is a wonderful example of how an investment from industry can help shape BC’s future through our students,” says Jackie Jacob, … Read more

Fossil fuels to renewable energy: How this BCIT grad readies organizations for an electrifying future

Mischa Steiner

Can you imagine a day when households will be able to generate and store their own electricity—and even trade it with their neighbours? BCIT Electronics alumnus Mischa Steiner can. “We’ll be able to create these dynamic micro grids,” enthuses Mischa about the future. “We won’t need as much large-scale generation as we did in the … Read more

Exposing human trafficking in Canada: How this BCIT alumna is mobilizing the healthcare sector to help victims

BCIT Forensic Health Sciences Instructor Tara Wilkie

Several years ago, Tara Wilkie, a BCIT Nursing alumna and Instructor for Forensic Health Sciences, traveled to northern Thailand to help establish a medical clinic for tribal children who were victims of sex trafficking. The number of victims and children at risk shocked her. “I remember feeling an extreme sense of relief when I landed … Read more

Engineering a leader: How a hardworking BCIT grad turned adversity into achievement

As a young boy, Moshtagh Mohammadi struggled in school. He had trouble making friends and had difficulty in class. He wasn’t a star student. This year, BCIT is proud to present Moshtagh, a recent Civil Engineering diploma grad, with the 2018 Distinguished Outstanding Student Leadership Award. The beginning In 2002, the Moshtagh, his brother and … Read more

A bucket, a crank, and a brush: How this BCIT grad made protecting the world’s waters his life work

Turn on the faucet and brush your teeth. Or jump in the shower for a refreshing and clean shower after a workout at the gym. Access to clean and safe water is a basic human right, not a privilege. Yet billions of people across the world are still living without safe water, leaving them struggling … Read more

BCIT Nursing grad Britt McConeghy left a 12-year career for her true calling

“I quit my job, moved to Vancouver and gave it everything I had,” says Britt McConeghy about enrolling in BCIT’s full-time Nursing program in 2014. At the time, she was in her 30s, she already had an undergraduate degree and she was working in a career she’d spent more than a decade building. Still, this … Read more

From a Commodore 64 to 3D scanners, BCIT Computing grad Thomas Tong has a passion for tech

“My mom’s aspiration for me was to be a waiter,” recalls Thomas Tong, a BCIT Computer Systems Technology alumnus. “Because if you were a waiter, that meant you spoke English well and were presentable enough to be at the front of the house instead of the back, where my mom worked all her life. She … Read more

Fermenting excitement and soybeans: BCIT grads launch tempeh-based business

When BCIT alumna Ariela Badenas first tried tempeh (a fermented soy-based meat alternative), she hated it. “He brought a sample of pasteurized tempeh for us to try in class,” says Ariela of her former BCIT Food Technology classmate, Andrew Chen. “He was trying to convince the rest of our team to make tempeh for our … Read more