Our People: Meet Debbie Power, Program Coordinator, Enhanced Bridge Watch Rating Program

Putting people at the core of everything we do is paramount at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. We are committed to ensuring our people — those who make BCIT distinct, are developing while feeling valued, supported, and connected.

BCIT is a people-first organization. We aim to celebrate our employees by sharing their stories through the Our People series. The series features BCIT’s extraordinary employees who share a strong sense of pride and ambition for the Institute and make up our diverse community.

Get to know Debbie Power, Program Coordinator, School of Transportation, Enhanced Bridge Watch Rating Program (BWR-E) who has been working at BCIT for over 27 years.

How would you summarize the work that you do at the Institute in 15 words or less?

I coordinate new initiatives, partnerships, recruitment, and administration for marine training to women and Indigenous people.

In what ways have you developed professionally while working with the Institute?

BCIT’s culture of working collaboratively with staff, faculty, and service areas has provided me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through support from my colleagues and management teams. Participating in various courses and workshops sponsored by BCIT has also assisted me in navigating our everchanging environment of cultural diversity. My experiences and learning has given me a better understanding of my own unconscious bias, the importance of flexibility in the workplace and reflection on how I communication with others.

What does winning an Employee Excellence Award for Service Excellence mean to you?

I am honoured to receive the Service Excellence award. I feel so very fortunate to work with such an amazing collaborative team. Providing timely, efficient support and response to our students, faculty, and industry is important to me and the amazing team I work with makes it very easy for me to do my job.

What has been your most memorable moment working at BCIT?

The BWR E graduate at work who emailed Debbie after completing the program at BCIT

I have so many memorable moments. Last June, our program for barriered-youth graduated and one of the co-requisite students spoke at the event. One young man spoke about his personal challenges and expressed his appreciation for the opportunity and support that allowed him to graduate from high school, receive a post-secondary credential and set him on an amazing career path.

At a second graduation, one of our Indigenous partners expressed the appreciation for the support we were providing the students, removing barriers, and treating them as human beings. Collectively, my memorable moments are seeing students work towards attending a program at BCIT, overcoming challenges while studying and succeeding in their chosen career. Here is a photo of a BWR-E graduate emailed me about his career after completing the program at BCIT along with his photo at work. His email to me stated “No where else I’d rather be.”

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