BCIT students from across Schools win big at the Skills Canada BC Competition

Earlier this year, BCIT students across the School of Transportation, School of Energy, and School of Construction and the Environment participated in the Skills Canada BC Competition. Going against a number of students from notable post-secondaries across BC, 11 BCIT students successfully placed in the top three in five major categories. Congratulations to all winners!

With over a million jobs expected to open up in BC according to BC’s latest Labour Market Outlook, Skills Canada BC provides ongoing support for the next generation to be skilled in trades and technology. This year, over 300 competitors competed in over 55 leading trades and technology categories – ranging from 3D Game Art and Aerospace Technology to Baking and Hairstyling. Gold medal winners from the Provincial round, Robin Rana, Calvin Turko, Zachary Vanboeyen, and Brandon Vangool will move to the National round on May 25-26, 2023, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Out of 55 categories, BCIT students participated in many of the 26 post-secondary categories. BCIT students achieved medals for Aerospace Technology, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining, Precision Machining, Automation and Control (Electrical), and Sheet Metal.

The full-day event also included Try-A-Trades Booths where exhibitors showcased their various fields, and a Pathways to Careers Showcase where attendees met with sponsors to find out different career paths in trades and technology.

BCIT is proud to have been delivering relevant and future-proof education that prepares learners to provide solutions to industry challenges for nearly 60 years. We applaud our winning students, as well as all students who participated, for showcasing their exceptional knowledge and skills in their respective fields, and for exemplifying the BCIT spirit of building an agile workforce with sustained and meaningful impact that meet the labour market needs.


“Being the gold medalist at my age speaks volumes about the teaching skills of both my instructors Eric and Alyssa, as without them I wouldn’t possess the knowledge to fabricate the project well enough to win. I learnt how to fit metal together without the use of spot-welders or dimplers. My BCIT education helped me prepare for this achievement by teaching me the basics of hand layout and pattern development.” – Brandon Vangool, student, Sheet Metal program, School of Construction and the Environment, BCIT

“After winning the provincial competition, I feel more confident about my career choices. I learnt that sometimes all you need to do is don’t overthink to do something right. BCIT helped me get that first place. They provided me with the right tools to learn programming skills and machinery. I remember Ali and Marte, my instructors, giving us one on one training, which helped a lot in the competition.” – Robin Rana, student, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machinist Technician program, School of Energy, BCIT

Winning list of BCIT students at Skills Canada BC Competition

Aerospace Technology

Silver, Ruojun Miao, School of Transportation, BCIT

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining

Gold, Robin Rana, School of Energy, BCIT

Silver, Jacob Van Velthuijen, School of Energy, BCIT

Bronze, Aiden Van der Werff, School of Energy, BCIT

Precision Machining

Gold, Calvin Turko, School of Energy, BCIT

Silver, Xiaowei Lu, School of Energy, BCIT

Bronze, Christopher Boyce, School of Energy, BCIT

Automation and Control (Electrical)

Gold, Zachary Vanboeyen, School of Construction and the Environment, BCIT

Silver, Eric Wu, School of Construction and the Environment, BCIT

Bronze, Sebastian Afshar, School of Construction and the Environment, BCIT

Sheet Metal

Gold, Brandon Vangool, School of Construction and the Environment, BCIT

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