BCIT students develop an artificial intelligence model for YVR

BCIT Business Information Technology Management (BITMAN) students Stuart Barnes, Yuri Fedoruk, and Will Karapetyan collaborated with Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) model that could predict transportation demand. Specifically, a system that would identify the number of taxis and carshares required at YVR every hour. Through this work, BCIT students are helping the airport to better serve passengers through reduced taxi wait times, while supporting YVR’s Net Zero Carbon 2030 goals by way of insights into idle time of vehicles thus promoting more efficient movements.

As a major hub with round-the-clock operations for over 118 non-stop destinations from around the world, YVR needed data about its transportation demand to better manage traffic throughout the airport.

YVR AI Project at BCIT

Stuart, Yuri, and Will explored several hypotheses based on historical datasets of taxi utilization. Through the Centre for Internet of Things (IoT) at BCIT, and with the support of BCIT School of Business + Media faculty Amy Goldlist, they developed an AI model by analyzing data gathered from the number of incoming flights alongside the number of taxis entering YVR every hour. After numerous iterations, the students successfully pitched their final AI model to YVR at the end of the term.

Creating a data-informed workforce

Recognizing the growing importance of AI and data in the current labour market, the BITMAN diploma program at BCIT provides students with the technical skills needed to succeed in solving industry challenges. Students learn relevant tools and technologies to develop appropriate business and data models that directly support leadership decisions.

In the second year of their studies, BITMAN students have the opportunity to choose between two areas of specialization: Artificial Intelligence Management or Enterprise Systems Management. These specializations are available to help students take control of their education and create sustained and meaningful impact in their careers.

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Thoughts from Stuart, Yuri, Will and Andrew

“We are able to take a real-world problem and present a solution both on the advisory level, and the technical, functional, and implementation levels. The ability to see a direct impact on a sizeable multilevel organization was startling.” Will Karapetyan

“What we learned from the BITMAN AI Management option allowed me to improve my business analytics and data management experience. It also showed me how machine learning and AI can be applied to any industry with better modelling applications.” Stuart Barnes

“A few years ago, I came across the phrase: “If you want to ride a bike, don’t buy a book.” I believe BCIT’s applied learning methodology – by working in teams and solving real business problems – makes all the difference in my career.”Yuri Fedoruk

“YVR’s partnership with BCIT has allowed us to welcome more innovators, thinkers and contributors to our operation. BCIT students are demonstrating how innovative thinking can be taken beyond the classroom and applied to real challenges faced by industry.”Andrew Grams, Director, Parking and Ground Transportation at Vancouver Airport Authority

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