BCIT named as best Continuing Studies Institute in the city

BCIT is honoured to have been voted first place in the Continuing Studies Institution category of the annual Stars of Vancouver Readers’ Choice Awards from Vancouver is Awesome. This award recognizes the strength of BCIT in providing industry-focused and flexible upskilling options to help learners quickly advance into in-demand jobs in Canada.

Historically, Continuing studies was mainly viewed as a non-credit form of education – perhaps for people who were retired, wanted to pick up a new skill, or were looking to try out a new hobby. Today – Continuing studies is a broad descriptor for a range of educational offerings. At BCIT, we call Continuing studies “Flexible Learning”.

Flexible Learning encompasses a suite of learning options – part-time courses, microcredentials, industry services, and Free Online Learning courses – that allow you to choose when, where, how, and what you learn. Despite the immense benefits of continuing studies, there are still a handful of misconceptions around it. Let’s debunk four common myths about continuing studies.

Myth 1: Continuing studies are only meant for those in mid or senior level careers.

Although there are certainly BCIT Flexible Learning courses available for learners in mid or senior level roles, our courses suit a wide variety of demographics, such as:

  • High school students who are unsure of their career goals and are keen to try new things.
  • Working professionals who want to pivot into a new career.
  • Caretakers or part-time workers who can’t commit to a full-time program but want to upskill.
  • International students seeking to gain local, industry-focused skills.

Myth 2: Continuing studies are not as valued as diploma or degree credentials.

BCIT Flexible Learning offers highly sought-after programs, most of which are for-credit. You don’t necessarily need to take an entire degree or diploma to earn the qualifications you’re after. Instead, you can pursue short, stackable, bite-size courses, and earn digital badges to prove your aptitudes to current and future employers.

Microcredentials and certificates enable BCIT learners to gain specific, in-demand skills that help them upskill in an increasingly competitive market. And learners almost always have the option of continuing their education at their own pace – which mean that you could take a few microcredentials at BCIT this year, and then later ladder those credits into a certificate, diploma, or degree.

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Myth 3: Continuing studies is not for folks who work.

Flexible Learning offers courses that are short, accredited, industry-focused, customizable, and self-paced so you are making the most out of your time and resources. The purpose of Flexible Learning is to accommodate diverse needs and educational preferences, and to ensure that our learners can still participate in getting the education they desire without having to commit to a full-time schedule.

By completing your credentials course-by-course, you can take as little or as many courses at your own pace. Many courses are also available online, in the evenings, or on the weekends.

Myth 4: There are limited choices of continuing studies programs.

BCIT offers over 1,000 part-time courses and microcredentials across a range of fields. From applied and natural sciences to business and media, computing and IT to trades, healthcare to engineering – there is certainly a program for you.

Start exploring BCIT Flexible Learning options and discover how it can help further your career.

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