Ask a Woman in Engineering: What are your hopes for the future of engineering?

Artificial intelligence. Cybersecurity. Robotics. If the prospect of working with new and developing technologies to solve real-world problems inspires you, a future in engineering may be right for you. BCIT is a leader in preparing graduates for careers in engineering, technology, and trades in the oil and gas, manufacturing, process, telecommunication, and renewable energy industry sectors. Our faculty are experienced in these industries and ensure our programs are consistently updated and remain relevant to today’s global issues.

As National Month of Engineering continues, we look to the future of engineering and the hopes shared by the engineering women of BCIT.

Alyssa Hermann, EIT, M.Eng., alumna, Civil Engineering

Alyssa Hermann

“The future of engineering is now – it is held in the hands of the people applying to engineering programs right now, and also in today’s youth, who have increasing access to enriching STEM programs. People are the greatest resource in engineering, and the values and beliefs of each new generation are the biggest driver of their direction. I look forward to the solutions that will come from the innovation of a generation of digital citizens who believe in a more inclusive and sustainable future!”


Remya Sreenath, B.Tech, P.Eng., faculty, Electrical Engineering & Technology

Remya Sreenath

“I hope future students approach engineering with the mindset that the perseverance and hard work they put into something can bring about change in someone’s life. My hope is that there will be no shortage of talented and dedicated professional engineers at any point in time and that the world will be in their safe hands.”



Kate Viger, student, Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering

Kate Viger

“I hope that we can continue to move forward in achieving equity for all in the profession as environmental technology advances. There’s so much innovation in the engineering field already and more every day. It’s exciting to see how engineers are creating solutions to the ever-changing problems of the modern world. With mining especially, I’ve seen major innovation in alternative power sources for heavy machinery and vehicles and I’m interested in helping to continue with that trend.”


Sirine Maalej, Ph.D, P.Eng, faculty, Mechanical Engineering

Sirine Maalej

“I hope for a more inclusive and diverse engineering profession in terms of gender but also race and ethnicity. My hope, also, is for the next generations of engineers to use sustainable technological innovations to change our world into a better place while reducing the environmental impact. I look forward to engineered solutions that efficiently improve our well-being.”



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