Ask a Woman in Engineering: Advice to women considering an engineering career

There is more than one path towards a career in engineering. Whether your passion lies in a 4-year full-time Bachelor of Engineering degree or an 18-month diploma program, BCIT offers a wide range of degree and program options that will help you develop the essential hands-on skills and competencies to succeed as a woman in engineering.

This week, BCIT faculty and alumnae share their words of wisdom and encouragement for women taking off into the engineering profession.

Jenny Tung, alumna, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Jenny Tung

“My advice to others considering joining the field is to stay true to yourself and not be afraid of challenges. Pursuing engineering as a career path is rewarding—we work behind the curtains to make the final masterpiece flawless. It takes a team to depart the plane and seeing the smiles of passengers through the tiny windows makes every bit of hard work worth it. Ensuring every passengers’ safety to their destination is the privilege and honour of us engineers.”


Sirine Maalej, Ph.D, P.Eng, faculty, Mechanical Engineering

Sirine Maalej

“Engineering is a very rewarding profession. You get to achieve meaningful goals. And, you get to see the impact of your designs and your contribution on the society and the community. If you have the motivation and the potential to pursue a career in engineering, go for it—you will be successful and you will enjoy it!”


Remya Sreenath, B.Tech, P.Eng., faculty, Electrical Engineering & Technology

Remya Sreenath

“Engineering is just like any other career path, but what makes it interesting is the fact every day starts fresh with an exciting learning opportunity. Embracing these opportunities will help you discover your inner potential and improve your skills. Be confident, trust your instincts, and believe in your abilities. Nothing can stop you from realizing your dream of stepping into the realm of engineering where your hard work can make a real difference in the world.”


Alyssa Hermann, EIT, M.Eng., alumna, Civil Engineering

Alyssa Hermann

“There are so many possibilities with an engineering degree! You’ll have more opportunities available to you than you might typically hear of or see. Whatever you are good at or passionate about, you can find a career that suits you. Give it a try, be curious, and talk to lots of different people and you’ll be surprised by the doors that can open!”


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