BCIT becomes first Adobe Creative Campus in Western Canada

As digital transformation continues to impact workplaces and entire sectors, the need for digital literacy has never been greater. BCIT has a long history of fostering innovation and responding to change, and is proud to be the first Adobe Creative Campus in Western Canada.

BCIT students, staff, and faculty can now access the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite of tools, both on and off campus. Access to these industry-standard products will help students in all disciplines develop essential skills for joining an increasingly digital workforce.

The Creative Cloud suite of tools includes industry-leading desktop and mobile apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more. These tools will help BCIT students create professional quality websites, video projects, infographics, and presentations – all of which will give them a competitive edge once they graduate from their programs.

Full-time students have free access to Adobe Creative Cloud for the duration of their program, while part-time students can purchase a short-term subscription at a discounted rate. Students, faculty, and staff may access the Creative Cloud suite of tools on their personal laptops or other mobile devices.

Digital literacy has long been a priority for BCIT, and access to resources like Adobe Creative Cloud will help students think critically, communicate more effectively, and better develop their personal brand.

BCIT is committed to empowering students to embrace innovation, and equipping them with the digital skills necessary to succeed in their chosen field after graduation.

Learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud for BCIT students, staff, and faculty.

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