Prepping for the End

This blog post was written by Social Media Contributor and Computer Systems Technology student Simran Gandhi.

I start my day off scrambling through my computer in order to not be late to my zoom meeting with my instructor and teammates. During our last month of school, we’ve been creating an application that allows indie gamers and developers to communicate with each other. My computer is filled with pages and pages of code that are part of a minimum viable product we need to create in under five weeks. 

The pressure is on with this being our last stretch before graduation. Code isn’t the only thing that occupies my computer – resumes and cover letters also consume most of my time and space. During any free time I have in the day, whether it is my ten-minute break or late at night, I am constantly applying to every opportunity I set my eyes on. 

My plate is not only full of applying and the project, but also with two other jobs and the occasional time spent catching up and helping friends and family. Yes, I am an extremely busy person, but knowing I only have a few weeks left is genuinely motivating. I have worked so hard for two years that another four weeks would do no harm.

 All my friends and family are looking forward to seeing me at my zoom graduation, and I cannot let them down. Although graduating online is not my ideal way of celebrating, just knowing that I will be recognized for achieving something amazing brings me happiness. I am looking forward to starting a career in computers after BCIT, but I am most looking forward to finally having a break and being able to relax. All in all, I will miss the feeling of going to school (not so much the assignments), but I am happy to start a new chapter in my life. 

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