Graduate Advice: What I wish I knew during my BCIT journey

Different than a college or university, BCIT offers practical, applied education with instructors who have direct, hands-on experience in their industry. BCIT graduates are adept in their field, yet humble in their character; citizens who strive for personal success and success for the world; and innovative thinkers who will solve some of the great issues of our time. BCIT demands a lot but also promises a lot.

In this Graduate Advice Series, we ask our graduates what they wish they knew during their educational journey at BCIT. These are tips to help you succeed as a BCIT student.

Le Nguyen, Computer Information Technology

Le Nguyen
Le Nguyen

Being open to different opportunities and willing to try new things play an important role in shaping your career path.

“I found that I should be able to pick up something and learn fast even if I don’t know much. I would just try my best and see how it goes. I should be open to trying different things. When I start working, then I will know what I really like and don’t like, so I can better shape my career path.”

Edward Beckett, Sustainable Energy Management

Edward Beckett, Kitslano Secondary School in front of a heat recovery unit
Edward Beckett

“In the past few months, I’ve realized the multiple ways BCIT career services are there to support and help students and graduates.  I’ve been lucky to work with some of the career counselors through workshops, networking events, and one on one support to get feedback on updating my resume and cover letter (after more than 15 years!). I wish I had contacted them earlier in my program because they’ve been a valuable resource to have as I make this transition and I could have taken advantage of their services sooner!”

Karen Kan, Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

BCIT Karen Kan
Karen Kan

“In my experience, teamwork is crucial at the most difficult times. Find your support circle and persevere together!”

Brett Ballah, Airport Operations

Brett Ballah
Brett Ballah

“I wish I knew just how much paper I would end up creating. In a heavily regulated environment such as aviation, everything relies on proper documentation. That means creating a lot of documents that meet regulatory requirements. While it was repeated, I didn’t realize just how much each document would build on previous work. That makes document management so very important; standardizing titles to make them searchable, putting them in folders and keeping those folders organized and up-to-date. It all adds up in the end to a successful and less stressful experience.”

Jeffrey Salvo, Bachelor of Business Administration

Jeffrey Salvo
Jeffrey Salvo

“One of the most important things an individual can do is to prioritize their health, both mentally and physically. Like any other institution, you will have late nights, lack of sleep, and stress pile up from projects, exams, and other aspects of life outside of your education. It’s okay to take a step back to focus on your own well-being. Treat yourself after completing a project, enjoy a nice meal after finishing exams, or just have a day to yourself and do everything you wanted to. Find an activity that relieves your stress and calms you. One of the best things to do is stay active and exercise. Not only is it good for your body, but it also helps clear your mind and gives you the energy and motivation to keep going. Being a BCIT student means you have the capabilities to work hard and excel under pressure. But before anything else, you are human. Your mental and physical health should come before your education, and that is something I wish I prioritized during my studies at BCIT.”

Meghan Brommeland, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

BCIT graduate Meghan Brommeland
Meghan Brommeland

“That the years would fly by and I would be on my own before I knew it. Enjoy it while it lasts.”

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