BCIT supports vaccination rollout

The Testing and Immunization Centre is located in Lot B on the east side of the BCIT Burnaby Campus. Those with appointments are asked to enter Lot B from Carey Avenue at Canada Way. To book a testing appointment, visit https://fraserhealth.secureform.ca/index.php. If you have other questions about COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and scheduling, please call 1-888-COVID19.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our BCIT community has been providing critical support to sectors that safeguard our health, well-being, and economic recovery. In our latest efforts to support the province in its COVID-19 vaccination rollout, BCIT is providing space on our Burnaby Campus for the Fraser Health Authority to deliver drive-through COVID-19 immunizations and testing.

BCIT is lending the use of Parking Lot B and part of Lot 7, while the Fraser Health Authority is responsible for the installation, equipment, staffing, vaccination delivery, and ongoing logistics of the site.  

The Fraser Health Authority anticipates that this site will be up and running by April 19 to serve area residents. So, if you happen to live in Burnaby, you just might find yourself here at BCIT for your vaccine when your age group or cohort is scheduled.

This is just one more way BCIT is helping with BC’s COVID recovery program. We have had much to be proud of through the pandemic – from donating PPE, to safely returning students to campus to achieve their credential, to accessible training that supports front-line healthcare workers, and much more.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone across the BCIT community—especially the Facilities and Campus Development team—for making this possible.

Thanks for all you do. Stay safe and well.

Kathy Kinloch
BCIT President

23 thoughts on “BCIT supports vaccination rollout”

  1. I think this is absolutely amazing! I’m so proud to be a part of an organization that is stepping up to help with COVID immunization and testing. #proudmoment

    • hello can tell me where the exact location of the vaccination area we have an appointment next week and when my husband drove by in bcit he didn’t see any people in bcit area if u can tell us where do we have to go to get a vaccine they just gave us 3700 willingdon
      Thank u

    • Hi Alan, a small part of the north side of Lot 7 is being utilized. The OASIS Electric Vehicle charging stations will not be impacted.

  2. Is it safe to have both testing and vaccination on the same site either drive-through or walk-in? Do they have the same group of people doing both to provide testing and giving vaccination?

    • Hi Jeff,
      We encourage you to reach out to Fraser Health Authority directly with your questions related to the safety and operation of this site. They can be reached through at 1-800-314-0999 or their web chat from 10 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.

    • Hi Celine, you will need to check with your local health authority to find out what vaccines are being used. Thanks, Emily

    • Hi Vicky, yes it is a drive-through location. For questions about the vaccine, you will need to reach out to the Fraser Health Autority.

  3. Hi, on the Fraser Health appointment booking site, the location is described drive through AND non-drive through. I don’t have a car, can I come on a bicycle?


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