Graduate Advice: Words of wisdom to prospective students

When you choose BCIT, you became part of a powerful community of successful innovators, creators, and leaders. Our 190,000 alumni are making a positive impact in industries across BC and beyond. In this Graduate Advice series, we asked our graduates for their words of wisdom to prospective BCIT student.

Brett Ballah, Airport Operations

Brett Ballah
Brett Ballah

“My best wisdom boils down to, stay ready and keep at it. BCIT prepared me for the workforce by sticking to its values. Three of BCIT’s values stand out for me: excellence, innovation, and teamwork. The pandemic forced innovation on everyone, from instructors to students. Almost overnight, we couldn’t do things the way we had before. So to reach excellence, we all had to find new ways to work together. Technology allowed us to rely on each other, boost each other up, and share our learnings. So the lesson for me is that when the going gets really tough, look to your values for guidance.”

Meghan Brommeland, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

BCIT graduate Meghan Brommeland
Meghan Brommeland

“Say yes to as many opportunities that are offered to you by instructors, people in the training environment, and other students. Take advantage of additional training opportunities to improve your skill set and to make more connections in the field of your choice. And get involved in your school! Being part of the BCIT Student Nursing Association I was able to meet people in different levels of the nursing program that shared their knowledge and wisdom, as well as make connections outside of the program to further my own nursing career.”

Jeffrey Salvo, Bachelor of Business Administration

Jeffrey Salvo
Jeffrey Salvo

“My advice to prospective students looking to enroll would be the following: find the industry, find the program, and establish a game plan. There are a variety and programs across many fields that BCIT has to offer. There is no shortage nor niche of what there is to learn out there. So my suggestion is to first look into what industry and field you take interest in, and then narrow that down into a specific area to help make your decision. In my case, I wanted to work in IT as an analyst and consultant. I enrolled in the Business IT Management program and then pursued my BBA. Upon graduation, I will work as an Analyst for a consulting firm working with technologies. Establish your plan, take it step-by-step, and don’t be afraid to change course or make mistakes along the way. If you have an objective and know where you want to go, you will get there. It doesn’t matter where, how, or when, so long as you continue your path and grow through the process.”

Karen Kan, Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

BCIT Karen Kan
Karen Kan

“A word of wisdom to students pursuing mechanical engineering is perseverance. Engineering is meant to push your limits…nothing good comes easy.”

Edward Beckett, Sustainable Energy Management

Edward Beckett, Kitslano Secondary School in front of a heat recovery unit
Edward Beckett, Kitslano Secondary School in front of a heat recovery unit

“Find as many opportunities throughout your program to try your best at and shine. Your teachers and classmates will be there to help and offer their support. Take the time to talk to them and connect after class, especially during this time of online classes and limited contact.  And as always, there will be times (usually later) in your program, when you’re tired and feel like you can’t or even don’t need to put in the effort on an assignment.  But as I said initially, just see it as a challenge preparing yourself for another opportunity – one to try your best at and shine. ”

Karin Chan, Technology Support Professional

Karina Chan
Karina Chan

“I couldn’t have done it without my instructors, Orrett and Rajen. They both have so much knowledge and experience and are genuinely passionate about what they teach. It makes a big difference when your instructors love what they teach. It makes the whole learning process that much more enjoyable.”

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