Graduate Advice: Why I chose BCIT

Graduates of BCIT demonstrate remarkable resilience, innovation, and leadership throughout their educational journey. At the Winter 2021 Convocation Ceremony, BCIT welcomed over 3,000 graduates who now join the growing family of 190,000 BCIT alumni who are innovators, creators, and leaders making a positive impact around the globe

As we celebrate our graduates and their impressive accomplishments, we also turn to them to ask why they chose BCIT.

Jeffrey Salvo, Bachelor of Business Administration

Jeffrey Salvo
Jeffrey Salvo

“BCIT had been my choice to pursue a higher education due to the reputation they’ve established to teach their graduates practical and deployable skills for your career. The workload and fast-paced environment definitely attributed to the development of skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. Having smaller sized classes also allowed me to establish relationships with my instructors and peers to seek help if needed. One of the biggest advantages in BCIT is having a cohort that will stick with you throughout your journey. The collaboration between your peers within your set creates strong connections that will last with you far beyond your education.”

Karen Kan, Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

BCIT Karen Kan
Karen Kan

“I initially chose the mechanical engineering program at BCIT because it offered flexibility to complete it with a diploma or degree. Though the program started off challenging, with a high workload and number of courses, there was a lot of support from faculty. This allowed me to learn the material well, and to enjoy the challenges in the program.”

Edward Beckett, Sustainable Energy Management

Edward Beckett, Kitslano Secondary School in front of a heat recovery unit
Edward Beckett, Kitslano Secondary School in front of a heat recovery unit

“I was looking to transition into a career that could build on my background as a Red Seal Electrician and I had a very positive experiences doing four years of Electrical Apprenticeship schooling at BCIT. I wanted my education to be transferrable into a career and this program was developed in partnership with energy utilities, BC Hydro and FortisBC, that were looking to fill a gap in education for qualified energy management professionals.  While I haven’t yet found a position with this industry, the jobs I have applied for do recognize the SEMAC program as a qualification and/or asset. Career services, as well as some of my teachers have been very helpful in beginning my job hunt!”

Meghan Brommeland, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

BCIT graduate Meghan Brommeland
Meghan Brommeland

“I chose BCIT specifically for its practical training opportunities. I learn best through doing and practicing a new skill, and BCIT offers that ability from the very beginning of its training programs.”

Brett Ballah, Airport Operations

Brett Ballah
Brett Ballah

“BCIT has a great mix of theoretical courses and hands-on creation and “doing.” When the pandemic hit, there’s no doubt we in our program lost a lot of that hands of experience, since our work placement was cancelled. But the instructors bent over backwards to make sure we got the most out of our experience, including a new course to teach us web design skills. That kind of innovation and commitment to students sets BCIT apart, in my mind.”

Karin Chan, Technology Support Professional

Karina Chan
Karina Chan

“I worked in retail my whole life. I went to SFU for my Bachelor of Arts but still stayed in the retail field afterwards. Eventually, I decided to go for a career change. The reason I chose TSP was because of its condensed nature. It’s hard to commit three or four years of your life to something you’re unsure about. TSP gave me a great foundation for what I would tackle in the everyday IT world. It can be difficult to teach something that is always changing and always moving to something faster, newer, and better, but TSP equipped me with the basics of how everything works.”

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