Wedding mishap into honeymoon adventure: alumni couple says BCIT prepared them for a complex world

Stuart Budd and Nadia Dobrianskaia rehearsed tirelessly for months to perfect their wedding first dance in 2018. But when it came time for the big reveal, the wrong song played. Nadia, a trained dancer, says that when they heard the incorrect song, they were stunned. Looking at each other in disbelief, in front of all their family and friends, they had no choice but to continue.

“I don’t think anyone noticed that the track was off, but I did,” Nadia says. “Dance is important to me, so this was very disappointing.”

Understanding how meaningful that moment was to Nadia, Stuart agreed to recreate the intended first dance on their honeymoon, motorcycling through San Francisco. They filmed the dance in their favourite locations along the way—wedding attire and all!

From hallway glances to first-date adventures

Stuart and Nadia were introduced in a study group in the Computer Systems Technology diploma program in 2014. However, the alumni couple admits to noticing one another in BCIT halls prior to officially meeting.

“There was something about him that caught my eye, which was very odd to me, because I was at BCIT to get an education, not meet anyone,” Nadia shares.

During their studies, Stuart was impressed by Nadia’s intelligence and passion, while Nadia says that Stuart seemed cool and collected despite balancing an intense course load.

Through tackling study sessions and surviving a group project together, they became closer. When summer break started, they grew their connection through activities like rock climbing and acroyoga.

Stuart describes their first date fondly: “Nadia took me to a secret camping site she knew of. After a day of hiking, climbing, and enjoying nature, we camped out under the stars. It was one of the best nights of my life.”

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BCIT creates a recipe for love

Nadia and Stuart completed the Computer Systems Technology diploma program in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Nadia now works as a Solutions Engineer and Stuart as a Business Analyst, but the role that keeps them busiest is parenting their 11-month-old daughter.

Why do so many students seem to find love at BCIT? Stuart believes the pressure on students provides the perfect conditions to bring couples together and prepares them for handling real-world challenges together. Nadia adds that the workload leaves no time to impress anyone, so you can just be yourself and create authentic connections.

While they balance careers and life as new parents, the couple says that they keep the romance alive by making time for each other with candlelit dinner dates on their patio, reading together, and plenty of laughter.

Stuart beams when sharing how he knew Nadia was the one: “There was no lightbulb moment. I simply know because every day with her is better than the last.”

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