BCIT Biomedical Engineering Technology program receives national accreditation

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an increased demand for ventilators and other medical technology equipment around the world. Behind this life-saving medical equipment is biomedical engineering technologists whose sole role is to keep these these devices functioning at peak performance.

Biomedical engineering applies science and engineering to healthcare and medical device industries. The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Biomedical Engineering Technology (BMET) Diploma program is the only one of its kind offered in BC and the only one in Canada that is specifically targeted to both hospital and medical device industries. BCIT is committed to delivering the highest standard of applied education that ensures graduates of the program are ready to adapt, innovate, and problem solve in their chosen field. In upholding this strict standard of training, the BCIT BMET program has received national accreditation from the Technology Accreditation Canada program (TAC). With this accreditation, graduates from the program become registered biomedical engineering technologists across the country.

“Congratulations to the BCIT Biomedical Engineering Technology program in being the first TAC-accredited program of its kind in BC,” comments Richard Stamper, TAC Executive Director. “This significant achievement demonstrates a commitment to students and industry, delivering a program which meets the current standards of the engineering technology and applied science profession.”

“This national accreditation is significant to our program as it allows our graduates to be registered as biomedical engineering technologists in other provinces,” explains Anthony Chan, BCIT Program Head, Biomedical Engineering Technology program. “It is also an acknowledgement that our graduates have acquired recognized skills and knowledge to practice in the profession.”

BCIT is now one of three BMET programs in Canada to receive TAC-accreditation. National program accreditation involves a comprehensive audit – including interviews with students, alumni, industry, and faculty, to tours of the program labs and student support services. During the audit process, TAC recognized one of the strengths of the program to be its connection to industry including a practicum at the end of year two, guest speakers, networking opportunities, capstone projects, and many more.

Accreditation provides graduates of the program an expedited path to professional certification through Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC and other provincial certifying bodies across Canada.

Biomedical engineering technologists develop medical devices or maintain specialized medical equipment that is used to support patient care. Work opportunities are dynamic and diverse, with room for advancement and flexibility. From hospitals, technical support, sales, operations, design, and innovation, graduates choose the field that best suits their skills and passion.

The BCIT Biomedical Engineering Technology program is currently delivered in a blended learning model comprised of both online and on-campus learning. Learn more about the BCIT Biomedical Engineering Technology program.

About Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC)

Through accreditation, TAC is committed to partnering with educational institutions to ensure students receive the highest quality education which meets the standards of Canada’s engineering technology and applied science profession. For more information about TAC or how to apply for accreditation, please visit technologyaccreditation.ca.

About the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

For more than 55 years, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) has been delivering flexible, relevant, and future-proof education that prepares learners to provide applied solutions to industry challenges – across BC and around the world. With five campuses and over 50,000 students enrolled each year, BCIT is one of BC’s largest post-secondary institutes. The BCIT curriculum is developed through close consultation with industry and delivered by instructors who have direct, hands-on experience in their fields. Students gain the technical skills, real-world experience, and problem-solving ability needed to embrace complexity and lead innovation in a rapidly changing workforce. Through its unique applied education model, BCIT is empowering people, shaping BC, and inspiring global progress.

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  1. This is great news, I know the work and effort that goes into the preparation for accreditation. The benefit to students and the industry is huge. Congratulations to the staff who have prepared and designed a program that meets accreditation standards.

  2. Congratulations to the Biomedical Engineering Technology program. Program Head, Dr Anthony Chan, PhD; and his teaching and laboratory staff, and students have done an excellent job on this accomplishment. Best wishes always.
    Dr Euclid Seeram, PhD
    Former Program Head, Medical Imaging Degree


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