BCIT Summer 2020 semester update

Hi everyone,

The Provincial Health Officer recently advised the possibility of a gradual relaxation of the restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. However, given the large size of BCIT and other post-secondary institutions, compared to other entities, we do not expect an immediate effect on our classes.

For this reason, for the summer semester (June – August, 2020) we will continue to schedule new and ongoing classes remotely in an e-learning format similar to the current semester. Should the COVID-19 situation improve, we may gradually supplement our remote classes with field, lab, and shop sessions.

We base our decisions on the information from the Provincial Health Officer, augmented by BCIT’s own Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) department. OHS inspects teaching and learning environments and issues Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) guidelines prior to returning any spaces to operation. When safe to do so, we will strive to return as many spaces to operations as possible, but will always err on the side of caution. The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is paramount.

An announcement with respect to the Fall semester beginning in September 2020 will be shared shortly.

Thank you,

Tom Roemer
VP, Academic

8 thoughts on “BCIT Summer 2020 semester update”

  1. Millwrights levels 1-4 received an email
    Today saying that classes (at least shop) will be in session June 15-July 17 for level 2. Is this correct? How can people be expected to find housing in such short notice? At this point, could the majority of these classes not be done online with shop work to follow later???

    • Hi Kevin,

      Many BCIT programs and courses through Summer 2020 semester will be delivered primarily online, however some programs will continue to be delivered in-person or through a blended model. We continue to take direction from the Provincial Health Officer and the Government of Canada and all in-person programs will be delivered under strict physical distancing regulations.

      We understand that students who are enrolled in programs with an in-person delivery component may need to find housing for the upcoming semester. BCIT Student Services and Academic are working closely with BCIT Student Housing to ensure impacted students have the support they need for housing and to safety complete their academic studies at BCIT. To connect with a student housing representative who will connect you with on and off campus housing resources please email covidinfo@bcit.ca

  2. Hi Kevin
    What happens with our refund to those of us who finish our program before March? On the other hand, if we pay 3 times the value as international students, and this refund is $115 for each credit, does it mean that they will not return what I pay more for having face-to-face classes? because that is only a third of the total value that is already paid .

    • Hi Daniela,

      The only part-time studies (PTS) courses that are eligible for the credits are Spring/Summer 2020. Students who are NOT taking courses in Spring/Summer 20200 are NOT eligible for the credit. This would often be the case for students who finished their program before March.

      Students who will finish their programs by taking their last courses in the Spring/Summer term ARE eligible for the credit. This credit may be used to cover part of the cost toward an additional course in the Fall 2020 or Winter 2021 terms.

  3. I’m looking for class information on metal fabrication level 2 starting June 15th/2020 at Burnaby campus. Is this start date still a go if I have not received a email of change.


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