A message of thanks from President Kathy Kinloch

Hello, everyone – it’s hard to believe it’s only been a week since we announced our transition to primarily online learning to do our part to flatten the curve in the spread of COVID-19 and keep our community safe. I’m so proud and impressed by all you’ve accomplished in such a short but necessary timeframe.

It’s impossible to capture the many amazing things you’ve done in one short memo, but here’s a quick sample and I’ll share more achievements as this evolves:

  • Transitioned the majority of our learning to fully or partly online which is truly remarkable given the applied and “hands on” nature of our unique programs (some of which simply can’t be delivered remotely)
  • Accommodated social distancing guidelines and increased cleaning to meet health authority standards, where lab and shop instruction must continue to meet student needs
  • Provided technology and training to staff across the Institute to work remotely where possible, including videoconferencing, to provide ongoing services and operations
  • Supported BCIT students and faculty studying or working overseas to assist with bringing them home, if desired
  • Canceled international field schools scheduled in the next few months and will continue to monitor for any scheduled further out
  • Introduced student housing measures to ensure health and wellbeing of students, including those in isolation

I know there are many, many more from across our community that I’m leaving out and I thank and applaud you all.

In the midst of this flurry of activity, it’s important that we all continue to follow preventative and health recommendations from Health Canada and the BC Centre for Disease Control. BCIT has taken significant measures to protect the health of students, faculty and staff and our broader community.

We know there have been some bumps along the road this past week, and no doubt there will continue to be challenges and so I appreciate your patience and understanding as we chart new territories together.

We are working on responses to your questions which, in some cases, require coordination with government to ensure consistency across the sector. We thank you for your ongoing patience and will continue to provide additional info as it becomes available.

We are a community of innovators and problem-solvers and I have no doubt that this transition will improve as it evolves, and result in some long-term learning and benefits.

We will continue to update you at BCIT Breaking News, and through emails, and other channels. Please continue to take care of yourselves and each other.

Kathy Kinloch, President


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