BCIT wins again: a decade as BC’s Top 100 Employers

For over 50 years, BCIT has cultivated a remarkable reputation for educating job-ready students. Behind that success is the outstanding faculty and staff who help BCIT deliver on its vision to empower people, shape BC, and inspire global progress.

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BCIT employees take part in Bike to Work Week.

As a people-focused organization, BCIT is thrilled to be recognized by Canada’s Top 100 Employers as one of British Columbia’s Top 100 Employers for 2020. This marks the tenth consecutive year that BCIT is acknowledged for its success in fostering an attractive and dynamic organizational culture that is progressive and forward-thinking.

With almost 2,000 full-time staff and 50% of the executive team as women, BCIT offers a supportive work environment extending beyond the childcare facilities and comprehensive benefit programs. Its ongoing emphasis on engagement, leadership, and development is key in creating a sustainable and distinctive culture.

“BCIT is one of those places where there’s always something amazing happening. We live our values. There is a sense of pride in what we do, and it comes from our commitment to our students,” shared Ana Lopez, BCIT Vice-President of Human Resources and People Development.

Leading by example to shape the leaders of tomorrow

BCIT is BC's Top 100 Employers
BCIT Graphics Design Instructor Angela Bains, works with a student.

The supportive environment at BCIT has proven success in attracting and empowering talented employees who lead by example to shape the leaders of tomorrow. Sanja Boskovic, BCIT Associate Dean of Aerospace, has been teaching at BCIT for the last 18 years. She arrived in Canada in 1997 as a refugee from Sarajevo with her husband and son. In her work at BCIT, Sanja felt so committed to her students that she returned to her own educational journey to earn a PhD in Educational Technology and Learning Design. This became her second doctorate degree following the PhD in Engineering that she already obtained.

Sanja explained, “As instructors, we are educating a new generation of citizens and developing tomorrow’s leaders. I was in a position to look at how we’re going to enhance learning and help students be successful in our program areas. We’ve developed incredible new education technology and approaches to teaching but I needed to learn a different set of skills to better serve my students.”

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