How to survive the exam season: Tips from a BCIT student

BCIT runs their programs a little different from other universities. Not familiar? Allow me to enlighten you. Students in their respective programs are assigned to a group, also famously referred to as “sets.” As a set, they undergo a rigorous learning experience by having a minimum of seven courses per term. Yes, seven courses. Although the course load per program varies, the stress and anxiety during the midterm season are all the same. As a second-year student, I have experienced the pressure of midterm season a few times. Here are some insights I learned from my first year at BCIT for surviving the exam season.

Plan ahead of time

BCIT survive the exam season
To reduce your stress during exam season by planning ahead.

Planning ahead makes a significant difference. I cannot stress this enough. It is the most vital insight I could share. Planning for study times can lessen the number of all-nighters you will take this semester. Additionally, it reduces your worry about whether or not you are going to cover everything before the exam. And don’t forget about the ongoing term projects and quizzes before the exam. Planning your time and being strategic about it can ease the pressure of getting all your tasks done.

Ask for help from BCIT resources

BCIT Survive exam season
BCIT Peer Tutoring offers free drop-in tutoring services across a number of subjects.

As I have mentioned earlier, BCIT students are placed in sets. Take advantage of this support system. Chances are your set mates are also going through the same pressure as you. Also, they can help you with any topics you are struggling with. Additionally, the Learning Commons, located in the library, also offers peer tutoring for a number of subjects. I found them helpful when I had to deal with numbers. Another popular advice is to drop-by at the Counselling and Student Development services. Taking time off from studying and talking about what you feel can liberate you from overwhelming feelings. Counseling may sound uncomfortable, but the service at BCIT is a great help.

Take a break

BCIT Survive exam season
Take a fitness class with BCIT Recreation Services or drop in to the gym to maintain a healthy mind and body.

You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have time to take a break.” However, it is necessary to take study breaks. My set mates from last year almost awarded me the “Most Time Spent on Campus” at the end of our first year because all I did was study at school. Don’t be like the first year me. I understand the guilty feeling when you take a break when you’re supposed to be studying. However, you shouldn’t feel guilty about allowing yourself to be mentally healthy. Take a break and go out with some friends. Also, a 15-minute walk makes a huge difference. The Guichon Creek at BCIT is a lovely spot for a relaxing stroll. If the weather does not cooperate, which is most of the time, hit up the rec centre and be active. Whether for a quick 15-minutes shooting hoops or a full-hour workout, take some time off from studying.

Know that hardwork pays off

BCIT survive exam season
Try your best and everything will be all right.

Midterm season is upon us, but don’t panic. Everything will be all right. It feels overwhelming now, but it’s going to be worth it. Don’t forget to take care of your psychological wellbeing. Good luck!

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  1. What a great article, with lots of important advice. It’s really key to see this kind of advice coming from a student who has experienced mid-term stress. Great job!


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