The Science of Green Construction: Fun and Simple

Note to media: An exclusive media preview of the Zero Energy Buildings exhibit at Science World is available on October 7 from 1-5 pm. Please contact Amy Chen for more information.

Climate Change, the BC Energy Step Code, and BCIT

British Columbia is taking action to tackle climate change. The Province is demanding that all new buildings to be in compliance with zero energy ready standards by 2032. The new provincial regulation is called the BC Energy Step Code.

With a few years to go, there is a major push to educate construction practitioners about the BC Energy Step Code.

What does the zero energy ready approach mean? Essentially the industry must follow an envelope-first tactic to reduce total energy requirements in buildings. This is done by creating an airtight seal and high R-values in the exterior walls, making sure there are no thermal bridges, and installing high-quality windows and a mechanical ventilation system that also recovers heat. With a solid envelope, heat pump systems are then installed to keep homes and offices comfortable on those very cold or very hot days. Simple, and beautiful!

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Science World, here we come

There is a “positive perfect storm” driven by the adoption of the BC Energy Step Code. Designers, builders, policy makers, manufacturers, utilities, and NGOs are all working together on making ZEBs the new normal.

BCIT experts already know that the science behind ZEBs is actually fun. However, thick walls and heat pumps are not (at first sight) as exciting as Tesla’s and iPhones. To change that perception, the BCIT Zero Energy Buildings Learning Centre has developed an interactive science exhibit on ZEBs.

BCIT, its partners and the exhibit will be at the Telus Science World for a few months, starting this October. The exhibit will then travel across BC, bringing the ZEBs and BCIT stories to various savvy communities.

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Interested? Make sure to visit Science World with family and friends this fall. Even better, we have a free ticket for you to join us at Science World for the official launch on October 7 on day one of the EcoCity World Summit. Click here to receive instructions on how to register. Space is limited and tickets are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thank you to the following exhibit partners.  You are true leaders, helping BC achieve it’s ambitious GHG reduction targets.



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  1. Cudo’s to SOCE . It’s great to see BCIT out there showcasing some of the impressive contributions being made to our city and post basic education.


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