A day in BCIT’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

School – Academic Semester

This is a day in the life of a Sonography student, albeit, everyday in this program was a bit different!

Part of being in this program requires you to put in extra time outside of normal class time, for scanning practise. My preference was scanning before classes started, and I would be in the lab around 7:30AM. I usually signed up 3x a week.

An example of a day:

6AM: Wake up and get ready by putting my scrubs on.

6:30AM: Drive 45 min to school. I usually parked across the street, on Willingdon Green, across from where all our classes are. I paid $5/day at the parking meter, I downloaded the paybyphone app.

8:30-10:20AM: Cardiac Lab. I would have to change into a hospital gown (makes it easier for someone to scan me). We get a break down of what we are learning in lab. Practice scanning, e.g, apical window for looking at the heart. I scan my partner for 45 min and they scan me for 45 min. We go through our images and how to improve with the instructors.

10:30AM-1:20PM: I have a looooooong break. Usually I do homework or have a look at the next lab class to prepare in advance. Or I may have signed up for extra scanning practice.

1:30-2:20PM: Physics Lecture.* We usually have homework due every week.

2:30-3:20PM: Abdomen and superficial structures Lecture.* Not only do we have a lecture in class, we also have some videos to watch on D2L (online) to solidify our knowledge.

3:30-4:20PM: Pathophysiology Lecture.* One assignment was to write a paper about a pathology that is related to Sonography. I wrote mine about Zika Virus causing Fetal Brain Abnormalities.

*You can check out more about the courses here: https://www.bcit.ca/study/programs/576cdipma#courses

4:30PM: Driving through traffic.

6:00PM: Eat Dinner + Do Homework + Sleep

Repeat All Over Again

Here is my schedule in level 1, 2 and 3 of my academic terms:

Image Cred: Featured image, Scrubs, heart ultrasound (4ch, 2ch), 3ch heart, physics, Abdomen and pathophysiology.

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