Meet four entrepreneurs who are working to bring BC to the global stage

From protecting the world’s most precious resource of water to reinventing the future of sustainable energy, our 185,000 BCIT alumni are making globally relevant connections in all sectors of the workforce. They are adding fresh perspectives and are reinventing how we work with industry and peers to drive economic, social, and environmental prosperity in BC and beyond. Meet these four BCIT alumni who leveraged their education to embark on entrepreneurial endeavours that impact our global community.

BCIT grad and entrepreneur Nigel Bennett inspires alumni to change the world

When Nigel Bennett was in his first year of the Mechanical Engineering diploma program, his marks were so low that the Dean at the time told him he was on academic probation. Nigel begged to stay, promising to do whatever it took to maintain his student status. He learned to never give up and did everything to succeed. His hard work eventually paid off and today, he runs a company that provides state-of-art oil spill response solutions around the world. Find out how Nigel ended up saving the world’s most precious resource: water.

Fossil fuels to renewable energy: How this BC entrepreneur prepares for an electrifying future

While other kids occupied themselves watching TV, listening to the radio, and pushing lawn mowers, Mischa Steiner was happily taking every single one of those devices apart. By the age of 10, he had written his first line of code with a computer his dad had built, and by 12 he had rebuilt and modified the family lawnmower.

With a top scholarship, he began university on a PhD track in Mathematics. But after a few years, he craved applied, hands-on learning. He switched to the BCIT Electronics – Wireless Communication & Computer Networks program, which helped pave the path for him to become CEO and Founder of Awesense.

At Awesense, Mischa is harnessing the power of big data, loT, and AI to help electric utilities optimize the electrical distribution grid by reducing avoidable electricity losses, reduce outages, and plan for the grid of tomorrow. Learn how Mischa, an innovator and visionary, brings electrical distribution solutions to clients around the globe.

Rejection to opportunity: Jillian Harris couldn’t have designed a more fulfilling career

For Jillian Harris, it was a series of rejections and failures, including being heartbroken twice in front of millions, that led her to opportunities for success. Interior design was a side hustle in the beginning and when the co-owner of Cactus Club heard about her consulting business, he hired her to help design his restaurants. It was a dream job for Jillian—until she got fired. She then enrolled in BCIT’s Interior Design certificate program and one blog and numerous projects later, Jillian spring-boarded her interior design roots into a lifestyle brand that now provides heart-filling inspiration on everyday life to thousands across Canada and beyond.

How this real estate developer built better communities for Metro Vancouver

As a teen helping out at his father’s construction company over the summer months, BCIT alumnus Daniel Boffo was given a variety of tasks. One of the tasks he enjoyed the least, stacking lumber, ended up giving him something that would pave the path to his career in shaping and building better communities across Metro Vancouver. Read how Daniel is creating a collaborative environment for developers, government, and communities to solve social needs and housing options.

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