From patient to healthcare professional: BCIT student Ashley Verokosky shares her journey

Ashley Verokosky was excited to begin studying Medical Radiography at BCIT. But before she could start, she experienced a health scare that changed everything.

“Prior to getting accepted into the program,” recalls Ashley, “I had a car accident while having a seizure. And a nurse witnessed it and told me it was a seizure … That’s how I finally got on the path to diagnosing my epilepsy. They confirmed it was a benign brain tumour.”

The diagnosis put all of Ashley’s plans on hold. She learned that she had, in fact, experienced seizures before the car accident, but just didn’t know it. Now, she was facing brain surgery to remove the tumour.

“Hearing that they’re going to cut out a piece of my brain and that my memory would be affected…I just didn’t know what I’d be like as a person after brain surgery.”

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Determined to continue pursuing her dream career, she returned to classes just one month after surgery: “I didn’t want to just give up because I’d had brain surgery,” she says.

Ashely is thankful for all the support she received along the way, but is especially grateful to have received the Rix Family Bursary from BCIT in March.

“Getting that help and having some motivation to keep going with the program and finishing, [the BCIT bursary] really helped me,” Ashley says, who adds her personal health challenge will help her be a better healthcare professional.

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“I know what it’s like to be a patient on that bed, the scared feeling,” she says. “I find having been through that, I’m better able to explain it and even encourage [patients] to continue on because I’ve been in their shoes.

In October 2019, she will reach an important milestone…one year without a seizure. She will also receive her Diploma in Medical Radiography.

Learn more about BCIT’s School of Health Sciences and the Medical Radiography program.

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  1. I know Ashley and she is the kindest woman with a great sense of humor. She went through a lot and came out the other side. I have no doubt she will be great with patients.


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