Collaborate, innovate, solve: 2 Day Challenge brings BCIT students together

The 2 Day Challenge event returned to BCIT for its fourth annual year. An event led by Challenge Chairs Phyllis Chong, Laurie Stott, and Julia Alards-Tomalin, the 2 Day Challenge brings together students from seven different programs including Geomatics, Architectural ScienceCivil Engineering,  Forest and Natural Areas Management, Fish, Wildlife and Recreation, Ecological Restoration and Environmental Engineering. This year also marked the inclusion of the School of Business, with a contribution of two student mentors to help advise participating teams.

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Students have only 48 hours to craft a solution and create a presentation. Without the 2 Day Challenge, most of these students would never have had the chance to meet each other, let alone work together.

How the 2 Day Challenge works

Students from each program are assigned to teams and given a real-life issue to solve within 48 hours. This year, the students were tasked with re-envisioning the Burnaby South Campus to reflect the EcoCity Standards of sustainable development. Teams had to reflect on what they would like to see for the future of BCIT, while taking into consideration the BCIT campus plan and Indigenous teachings.

To assist students with this process, BCIT Indigenous Centre welcomed students at a dinner event and provided opportunities for students to meet with mentors from each field. BCIT Faculty and staff members including Helene Marcoux, Cathy Griffen, Jan Bielenberg, Ken Ashley, Joanne Turnbull, Alex Hebert, and Brenda Martens also took the time to speak with each team during the event and provide guidance. External experts, such as Aaron Nelson-Moody, Indigenous Artist from the Squamish Nation, Ray Wolfe from Thinkspace, Patick Lucey from Aqua-Tex, and Gerben van Straaten from World of Walas also provided insight to the teams.

Students had a chance to visit with mentors from BCIT and industry. This helped build perspective on the different components to consider within the South Campus, including the BCIT Community Garden.

The event capped off with a gala dinner and a presentation event at the Hart House, where teams had only 20 minutes to present their design to a panel of expert judges. Each team did an excellent job of creating a unique vision of a sustainable campus for the future, and it was difficult for the judges to select a winning team. In the end, Team Wild Wave wowed the crowd with their vision that included elements like expanding on the BCIT SMART grid and including a new network of bike paths through campus.

Teams were composed of six students from different programs. The campus vision presented by Team Wild Wave was selected as the winning proposal.

Meet the winning team from 2 Day Challenge 2019

Members from the winning team will also present their vision at the upcoming EcoCity World Summit hosted by BCIT this fall. Learn more about the 2 Day Challenge, including ways to get involved with next year’s Challenge.




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