BCIT showcases sustainability on a global scale

The future of our climate is dependent, in part, on innovative solutions to everyday problems. BCIT instructors, industry, and students collaborate to provide practical solutions for green challenges across our campuses. As the impact of climate change is felt around the world, timely action is required from all to ensure a thriving and sustainable future.

To better understand the impact of programs, policies, and practices at BCIT, the Institution participated in the 2018 UI GreenMetric World University Rankings (UI GreenMetric) and ranked in the top 50% of 1,437 participating institutions. Impressively, BCIT ranked in the top 20% for two indicators: waste, and energy and climate change.

BCIT ranked on a global scale for sustainability
BCIT provides practical solutions for green challenges across its campuses.

The UI GreenMetric World University Rankings measures participating universities’ commitment in developing an environmentally friendly infrastructure. Measurements are based on six weighted indicators: setting and infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste, water, transportation, and education and research.

Results from UI GreenMetric provided feedback about how educational programs and policies at BCIT that are aimed to support sustainability rank against other participating post-secondary institutions in Canada and globally. Comparison with results from other participants also identified areas of improvement for BCIT to consider as it continues to share its sustainable leadership in the community.

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“The sustainability commitment at BCIT encompasses everything from advancing the state of practice through education and applied research, to improving the efficiency of campus operations, and engaging the community across the Institute. Our participation in the UI GreenMetric is one of the many ways that we hold ourselves accountable to our sustainability commitment,” said Jennie Moore, BCIT Director of Institute Sustainability. “Sustainability starts with awareness and education. Our sustainable leadership will continue to inspire change from the ground up.”

BCIT will continue to showcase sustainable leadership on a global scale when it hosts the biannual Ecocity World Summit in Vancouver later this year.

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