Cargo Course and Squalicum Harbour

This week we have finished up our cargo course. I know I am a cruise ship person and you might be wondering why I am taking a cargo course. The main purpose of taking this course has to do with the license I am studying for. It is an unlimited watch keeping mates ticket. With the ticket having that word unlimited in it. The ticket is just that. Once I pass the oral exams at Transport Canada, I will have my unlimited ticket and be able to be an officer on any size of ship for any purpose. Cargo included. There are of course things that I have learned in the course that I will keep with me. Even though I am working on the cruise ships, I still do find the subject of shipping very interesting. Having a vast knowledge in the industry is very important. You always learn no matter what ship you are on.

Speaking of which, I was invited by some friends of mine, to go down to the Squalicum Harbour in Bellingham. I went down after school one day and had a nice dinner with them as well. They have a boat which they take up and down the west coast and go to all the small islands we have surrounding our beautiful province.

When they took me to see their engine room I was amazed at how much smaller it was then the engine room on Anthem of the Seas. There was all the same equipment, but it was just much smaller. There was also only one engine instead of four.

The Chart room was very well designed. There was an area where they had the charts, the radio and of course, the helm.

Onboard was a Captain who also knew a lot about the engine room should there ever be an problems. One of the ladies was also very good with navigation so she would help out if it was ever needed. A very small operation but like on most ships, very enjoyable.

Please note all thoughts and opinions are my own and do not in any way reflect those of Royal Caribbean.

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