BC jobs in-demand in 2019 (and beyond)

The year has only just begun, but 2019 is already looking positive for job-seekers. According to WorkBC’s most recent Labour Market Outlook report, the number of retiring baby boomers, along with economic growth, are opening new employment opportunities across the board. Of course, if you’re looking to score one of the year’s most in-demand jobs, you’ll need the proper qualifications—and these BCIT programs are guaranteed to prepare you for the workforce.

1. Biomedical Engineering Technology
Are you a problem solver with an interest in technology and product design? The two-year Biomedical Engineering Technology diploma teaches you how to develop life-saving medical equipment, with specific training for both hospitals and medical device companies. There’s no other program like it in Canada.

2. Radiation Therapy
If you’re a natural with technology but love working compassionately with people, studying to be a radiation therapist could be the right move—nearly 150,000 jobs in the healthcare and social assistance industry are expected to open by 2028. This unique Bachelor of Science program lets students gain real-world experience in hospitals and BC Cancer agencies, while building meaningful relationships with peers, mentors, and patients.

3. Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control Technician
BC’s top resource industries rely on mechanical and electrical equipment, which means they need people who know how to keep machines running. This program prepares you for work as a technician, which falls somewhere between a technology and trades profession. This means you won’t be stuck behind a desk all day, nor will you have to be physically active all the time. Companies in oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, food processing, and water and waste management are all hiring.

The telecommunications industry is expected to see 6,100 job openings by 2028.

4. Telecommunications Systems Technician
This two-year diploma program opens the door to exciting opportunities in the telecommunications industry, which is expected to see 6,100 job openings by 2028. At BCIT, students are trained to install, maintain, and repair electronic circuits and equipment, and encouraged to hone their interests in either wired networks or radio. 

5. High-Tech Professional programs
While lots of new hires are needed to replace retirees, there are some sectors that are just booming—and technology is one of them. That’s why BCIT offers High-Tech Professional programs, including Software Systems Developer and Technical Web Designer certificates, at its downtown campus. These credentials can be earned in less than a year, and each gives students the chance to build their portfolios and make real connections with clients.

6. Forensic Investigation: Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity
If technology is everywhere, then unfortunately, it’s also being used by criminals—but that means BC needs more people to prevent these crimes, too. Digital forensics and security are in demand, whether it’s to protect companies from cybersecurity threats or help police analyze suspects’ data footprints. This program awards a Bachelor of Technology, and can be completed either full- or part-time.

7. Business Operations Management
Businesses know how to address the needs and problems of their customers—but whose job is it to address the needs of a business? That’s where operations management comes in. This two-year diploma teaches students versatile skills that many employers look for today, and gives them the chance to earn certifications from professional associations. Out of all the BCIT School of Business programs, this one has the strongest employment outcomes and the highest starting salaries.

Over 90% of BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism graduates are employed in the industry.

8. Broadcast and Online Journalism
The world needs journalists now more than ever—and it shows. Over 90% of BCIT graduates are employed in the industry, working for newspapers, sport stations, and media relations firms. During this two-year diploma, students work in the field from day one, and thanks to the Institute’s connections with media companies across Vancouver, they’re able to earn their stripes in a variety of exciting, fast-paced environments.

9. Welding
Where there’s metal, there are welders. That means you can take this career anywhere and find well-paid, practical, and challenging work—especially since in the next 10 years, 11.8% of jobs opening in BC will be in trades, transport, and equipment operation. BCIT offers full-time certificates and apprenticeships in this particular trade, as well as some part-time options.

10. Mineral Exploration and Mining
This program is perfect for those interested in technology, natural resource extraction, and minimizing environmental impact. BCIT is well-known for its full time bachelor’s degree in Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering, and its diploma in Mineral Exploration and Mining Technology, just two of the ways to enter this dynamic industry.

11. Geomatics
As the demand grows for sustainable development and resource management, so too does the demand for education in geomatics. Two Bachelor of Science and diploma programs at BCIT, Geomatics and Geomatics Engineering Technology, prepare you to build computer models in an office, map urban utilities through a city, or get out surveying the wild, among many other career paths.

The jobs are ripe for the taking, but you need the right training. Over the next decade, 77% of job openings are expected to require post-secondary education of some kind—41% will need a diploma, certificate, or apprenticeship, while 36% will need a degree. Regardless of what interests you, BCIT has a program that will get you ready for the real world, and get you hired.

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