Terrestrial Navigation!

We are now on to terrestrial navigation! Time for some spherical trigonometry! For the past couple years, I have been hearing about a field in math where it is more than just your classical triangle. This is what they call spherical trigonometry. It is one of the more difficult things to learn when it comes to navigational math, but it is sure interesting.

Not only are we learning about the math in the Terrestrial Navigation, but also about different methods used to navigate. Great circle navigational is one of the main ones. We have learned about the shape of the earth and all the words and correct terminology used when it comes to navigation.

Along with the great circle navigation, there are also a few other methods that have been used in order to navigate. Parallel sailing, plane sailing, and mercator sailing are the few that we have been studying this last week. We have a mid term on Monday which will be on the various types of navigation techniques and some theory. Then just a week after that will be our final. Yes, this in another fast paced, highly intense, and interesting course!

I am finding that the more we go over all these basics of navigation, the more I am understanding how it all works. Even though we will not be using everything we learn in class, it still helps explain the stuff we do use.

There are a few nice touches that are also added. Samosas on Monday is only one example! There has been many times that the class will get together. Whether it be to study, or perhaps go for a bite to eat after class. Especially after a final. Theres nothing like working hard then rewarding yourself with a great meal and great people all with a common interest.

Photo credit: Sailors Tube

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