Choosing the Right Program

Sometimes it can be very challenging trying to figure out what program to take, and which university to go to. When you’re trying to figure out programs and universities you will often find yourself weighting quite a few different options. A few things that will affect your decision (I know they did for me), are how long the program is, will I get a good job after the program, and how much will this cost me? A little bit of advice that I can give throughout the whole decision process is don’t rush into anything but take your time when deciding all of this because this decision that you make will change your life. This choice you make will set the course for your life.

When I was trying to figure out what program I wanted to take, I did a lot of research and looked into multiple universities. It took me a year to finally figure out what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to go. So believe when I say to take your time. At times I felt like this was the most difficult decision in the world. I did feel a lot of pressure too, because everyone I knew was going to university. While all my friends where in school, I took that time and worked full time building up my experience in the work force.  However, I felt as if I was obligated to go to school and figure things out. I didn’t put a time limit on it, and finally I found where I wanted to go and what I wanted to take.

I researched a lot of different universities, but the one that I kept coming back to was BCIT. Not only did BCIT have the highest employment rate out of all the universities, there was also the quickest turn around time to get in and out of the program. What I found really helpful was BCIT’s website. They have all of their programs listed on their website and they are broken down and easy to research. Just one click away click on the search sign and you can look at all of the programs offered at BCIT. Their advisors were really helpful as well.

So now here I am in my second year of BCIT’s Operations Management program and loving every day of it.


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