Care for Self-care

By now students should have realized what they have gotten themselves into, however, rest assured that BCIT does indeed care about the overall well-being of its students. That was why for the month of October, financial and psychological well-being were highlighted. Furthermore, to relieve some of the stress, anxiety, and depression that comes with a double-digit course load, BCIT visited all five campuses throughout the month with self-care stations/booths.

Hosted by our very own Student Life Ambassadors, these stations created a zen zone, free from test scores and filled with positivity, along with information on free BCIT services that can improve psychological health:

  • Professional counselling
  • Sun stations
  • Zen lounge
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Contemplation rooms
  • Doggy de-stress

Stations included a colouring page for students who wanted to stop by, hang out and colour. The following picture was the result. I like to think that this poster represents the internal mind of the every day BCIT student – misplaced crazy colours all over the place, but just enough between the lines to look like we have it together. This poster will be posted on BCIT’s social media to represent the collective effort to enhance every students’ psychological well-being.

Free tea, aromatherapy oils, and fidget toys also set the mood for a stress-free zone. However, if you were one of those students who didn’t have time to say “hello”, hopefully you were still able to grab a positive message in the form of a mini scroll to brighten your day.

Mental health is arguably the most important dimension of well-being for post-secondary students as they face social and parental pressures to succeed. Now, take that level of importance and triple it for the warrior students that rumble on BCIT’s battleground and the unavoidable conclusion that brings us to the edge of a mental breakdown, with the only thing keeping us together being Triple O’s Tuesdays. However, by the end of it all, we will be unstoppable.

“Whatever they did to me made me totally indestructible.” – Deadpool

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