BCIT touts competitive edge in new campaign: Industry Experts for a Complex World

As a registered forensic nurse with the Fraser Health Authority, Tara Wilkie helps victims of human trafficking, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. Her training is paramount to recognizing and stopping the cycle of abuse – which is why she felt it was so important to return to her alma mater to teach Forensic Health Sciences at BCIT.

Angela Bains, BCIT Instructor, inspires students to make a difference through powerful design.

“There’s no better way to learn the healthcare profession than helping real patients,” says Tara. “I returned to teach as I know this is where students learn how to make a difference in the world.”

Tara is just one of nearly a dozen faculty profiled in the BCIT Industry Experts for a Complex World campaign. Through a series of powerful videos and photography, the brand recruitment campaign tells the stories of BCIT faculty members who are making a difference in their communities as well as inside the classroom.

“Choosing a post-secondary is one of the biggest decisions of you will make, and prospective students want the assurance that their instructors are going to go beyond the textbooks,” says Lara Johnson, BCIT Associate Vice President Marketing and Communications.

BCIT Geomatics Instructor Eric Saczuk combats global climate change via drone technology.

“This campaign shines a light on the expertise and industry-focus that BCIT instructors bring to their classrooms and how that enriches students’ learning in a way that no other post-secondary can duplicate.”

From climate change drone research in the Antarctic, to leveraging 3D printing to produce helmets for babies – the videos profile how BCIT instructors augment teaching and learning through their relevant industry experience.

The campaign will highlight the compelling ways BCIT instructors help students gain a competitive edge to succeed in today’s evolving workplaces.

Faculty in the campaign include:

  • Angela Bains, Instructor, Part-Time Studies, Graphic Design
    • Making an impact on society through powerful design.
  • Jason Brett, Instructor, Technology Education
    • Teachers of the future need to have robot literacy.
  • Sia Dezvareh, Instructor, Television and Video Production
    • Seeing the world through a 360-degree story-telling lens.
  • Jason Goodnough, Instructor, Prosthetics & Orthotics
    • 3D printing baby helmets.
  • Bill Klug, Instructor, Cloud Computing
    • Integrating cloud computing in curriculum to support BC’s booming tech sector.
  • Charles Maxwell, Instructor, Industrial Instrumentation
    • How do we power the communities of the future?
  • Captain Alex McElroy, Instructor, Seamanship
    • Inspiring students to build a life at sea.
  • Deb Parliament, Instructor, Construction Management
    • Training students to envision and build our cities.
  • Louise Rimanic, Program Head, Nuclear Medicine
    • Caring for our most vulnerable through empathy.
  • Eric Saczuk, Instructor, Geomatics
    • Combating global climate change via drone technology.
  • Tara Wilkie, Instructor, Part-Time Studies, Forensic Health Sciences
    • The first post-secondary institution to incorporate a Human Trafficking Program.


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