Technologically Hip: BCIT launches speaker series focused on technology and communication

BCIT is relaunching a beloved speaker series. Technologically Hip returns Wednesday, September 26 with a talk titled, “Complex yet clear: How to communicate your work in science and technology.”

“When we talk about science or share technical information, we tend to focus on ‘what’ we communicate rather than ‘how’ we communicate,” event organizer and BCIT faculty member Katherine Golder explains. “However, dedicating time to ‘how’ we deliver message can make the difference between clarity and confusion, whether the audience be friends, colleagues, clients, or the public.”

Open to all, the talk features speakers Nikki Berreth and Alan Shapiro of LitScience. They’ll offer their thoughts (in “slam” form) on some common science misconceptions and explore how science communication tools can support better understanding of science.

The Speakers

Nikki Berreth is a science communicator and educator living in Vancouver. Leveraging her three years of university drama courses, she helps scientists, researchers and industry professionals reach their full communication potential through improvisation and confidence building workshops via LitScience. She is also the co-founder of Science Slam Canada and the owner of STEAM Communication.

Alan Shapiro is a Vancouver-based environmental professional and science communicator with an interest in engaging the public and policymakers on environmental and water issues. He is co-founder of Science Slam Canada, a non-profit organization that runs community science outreach events across the country. He also works as a Science Communication Specialist with LitScience, providing science communication training for academic, research, and technical organizations.

The Technologically Hip speaker series aims to bring together students and staff from all disciplines to tap into new developments within BCIT and in our broader community. Extending beyond what’s happening in our classrooms and programs, the Series is a forum for the whole Institute to be exposed to and engage in new developments in technology.

Event details

Wednesday, September 26
BCIT Burnaby Campus
3700 Willingdon Avenue
Building SW1 – Room 1205
3:00–4:30 pm
Refreshments will be served. All welcome.

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