Patient Questions

Here are some questions I have come up, I have not been asked these personally.

Why is the Sonographer pressing so hard?

The images improve when we apply more pressure. Sometimes when a Sonographer is pressing, they are getting closer to the structure that they are imaging or they are pushing gas out of the way. It is a way to optimize the image which can be the difference of seeing pathology and not.

Why is the Sonographer only staying in one spot?

Placing the probe just below your ribs in the middle of your abdomen, we can see your pancreas and liver. From there if we angle from your right side to your left we can see all the way across the organ. We move to other spots on your body to see the same organ at different angles for a more thorough exam.

Why can’t I take a video of the screen during my baby ultrasound?

There is a policy in place to not allow photography. The ultrasound is an exam, where the Sonographer is performing measurements and looking at structures. If the parents have video and misinterpret something they may worry. There are privacy laws even if it is yourself.

Why isn’t my bladder full, I chugs water just before the exam?

It takes time for the bladder to fill up. If your bladder isn’t full we cannot get diagnostic images and you may have to come back or wait longer until your bladder fills. Try to finish water 1 hr before your appointment, it is better to be too full than too empty.

Why can’t my partner be in the room for my ultrasound for the baby?

The Sonographer needs to concentrate in taking measurements and images first, it is part of our routine. The mother cannot see the screen when the ultrasound is being done. When they are finished then we show the parents the baby at the same time.

Why can’t I find out the sex of the baby?

The policy at each place is different on what they allow for disclosing the sex of the baby, sometimes the Sonographer can share and sometimes you have to get the information from your doctor. I think most hospitals will not disclose the sex of the baby. You can find out the sex after or on 20 weeks from your doctor.

If you are unhappy or have questions voice it to your Sonographer, they should be made aware of your questions or concerns. They can explain to you why things are done a certain way.

If you have any questions about an experience with ultrasound that you have had, comment below.


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