Students showcase their skills for the winning title at Presentation Idol

The 8th annual Presentation Idol wrapped up with presentations ranging from robots taking over the workplace to zero-waste technology. Awards were handed out by both the judges and the audience for top presenters, including an award for innovation.

Judging the final round this year were BCIT alumni Sunny Ghataurah, President and CEO at AES Engineering, Rick Fernandes, Manager at PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc., and David Walker, Engineering Designer at Aplin Martin. BCIT Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communication, Lara Johnson, and Principal of AME Group of Mechanical Engineers, Harold Stewart, also lent their expertise to the judging panel.

The judges commented on the tough job they had in awarding the top prizes since all presenters did an amazing job. Nevertheless, they had to pick just three winners.

The judges choice top prize of $1000 was awarded to Kevin Hong, an Electrical and Computer Engineering student who shocked the audience when he said, “What if I were to tell you that we can all achieve superhuman abilities by becoming cyborgs? In fact, there are cyborgs among us right now.” Kevin was referring to the fact that everyday humans are turning into cyborgs with technology such as hearing aids and pace-makers, which themed his presentation.

Second prize, worth $700, was awarded to Navtej Heir, an Electrical and Computer Engineering student, for his presentation on why we shouldn’t fear the fact that robots are taking over the workplace in the form of automation.  Third prize went to Matt Dick, a Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering student, for his insightful presentation on Battery Powered Underground Mining.

The judges were inspired by Megan Savinkoff, a Forest and Natural Areas Management student. Her presentation, on turning waste to fuel and food, proposed a business based on a BCIT recycling research system involving BCIT students. Judges awarded her the Innovation Award for her creative idea, an award worth $400.

The audience also got to play judge and vote for their favourite presenters. The audience awarded Kevin Hong the top prize of $350, Megan Savinkoff second ($250), and Moshtagh Mohammadi, a Civil Engineering student third ($150).

Other finalists in the competition included Geographic Information Systems student Nikita Nayak, who presented on location intelligence; Shaun Tyers, an Electrical and Computer Engineering student who presented on hydrogen fuel cells; and Alfredo Roberts Bustinza, a Biotechnology student who presented on how artificial organs are an end to disease.

Presentation Idol was presented by BCIT School of Computing and Academic Studies, School of Energy, School of Construction and the Environment, and the School of Health Sciences. Prizes were contributed by AME Group, PCL Constructors, AES, Aplin Martin, Fluor, Transoft Solutions, ASTTBC, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC-BC), KD Engineering, Wiley, and the BCIT part-time Technical Writing program.

The majority of event judges come from industry, offering students a chance to network with and get feedback from potential employers.

Great job to all of the students who participated in this year’s Presentation Idol.


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