The final push to the end of the semester – a few tips to help you cross that finish line

Time has seemed to escape us here at BCIT. March came and went and now we are more than a week into April. Time seems to be going by so fast, I have to keep checking my calendar just to know what month it is. For many of us, the month of April means the end of classes and final exams. This is not an easy month for university students. I have a few suggestions on how to make it past the finish line:

  1. Try your best of ignore the start of the nice weather – we have been pretty lucky so far in that it has been raining quite a bit. Rain = staying inside and staying inside = more time to study. I always find it tough to sit inside and study when it’s warm out and the sun is shining. When this does happen I find it best to sit near a window (that way you can feel like you’re outside) and take your breaks in the sun!
  2. SLEEP – exam time means less sleep for lots of students. I have found that my performance and productivity skyrockets when I am not sleep deprived. I would always recommend going to bed as early as you can and studying for less hours but with a more alert mind.
  3. Eat well – with all the extra projects, assignments and studying that comes with the end of the semester, there can be little time for cooking. At the same time, it is very important to keep eating well, it will make you feel better and keep your mind sharp which again could lead to a need for less hours of studying. Here are some suggestions of easy meals for university students .
  4. Make some time for fun – students cannot be expected to spend every second of every day studying. Try to schedule something quick and fun each day and a longer fun activity once a week. It might be necessary to keep your sanity.
  5. Enjoy it when it’s over – when April comes to an end and the last exam is over, take some time to appreciate all of the hard work you put in an enjoy yourself for a little while

Happy studying!

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