Children and Chum Salmon keep Mark Angelo coming back to Guichon Creek

Yesterday, a group of children from the daycare at BCIT joined BCIT Rivers’ Institute Chair Emeritus, Mark Angelo, in conjunction with the Salmonid Enhancement Program to release Chum Salmon into Guichon Creek.

As a nationally recognized river steward and founder of World Rivers Day, Mark is a longtime advocate for the revitalization of the creek as well as the involvement of children in the process. For many years, Mark has returned to the creek to educate local kids (and keen BCIT Fish, Wildlife and Recreation students) on the vital role of urban waterways and the magic of spawning salmon.

“Back when I started here at BCIT 45 years ago this creek was in bad shape, there was no fish here, this extensive effort between staff and students has brought the creek back to life,” commented Mark Angelo. The impact of this longtime campaign can been seen in the revival of the creek where salmon can now be found returning to spawn.

Four children joined Mark in the water to release the fish, while 30 others looked on from the bridge. The release is, in part, an effort to give the salmon a head start in anticipation for the daylighting plans for the creek in the future.

For more information on the work BCIT does with urban waterways, estuaries, and more, check out the Rivers’ Institute.

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