BCIT Intramural Championship Weekend

Things have been busy for me over the last few weeks here at BCIT. My semester ends next week so there have been lots of projects, assignments and tests to deal with. All homework aside, I wanted to share my experiences last weekend at the BCIT Intramural Championship day! I have been a student staff member with  BCIT Intramurals for two semesters and I really enjoy it. Currently, the recreation department is looking to hire new students for the fall semester and I would highly recommend applying! The students work as referees, scorekeepers (that’s what I did), and check in attendants. It is a great way to build a sub-community outside of your program at BCIT. There is usually some down time if you want to cram a bit of studying and every now and then there is some free food involved! The other great thing about being part of Intramurals is how manageable it is with a student schedule. The shifts are only 3 hours long in the afternoon/evening. This is a perfect amount of time to use as a break from school work and make a little extra money, something I’ve used towards travel in my time off from school.

The championship weekend lasts seven hours; each team has playoff games leading up to the weekend and the top two come in to play for the ultimate first place prizes, a championship t-shirt and trophy!

The intramural sports that BCIT has to offer include:

  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • futsal
  • floor hockey
  • dodgeball

Personally, dodgeball is my favourite one to watch and the teams are actually pretty good! Intramurals is a perfect way for students to be competitive, active and have some fun at school. The sports range from competitive to just-for-fun, so there really is something for everyone!

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