What do pirates and car insurance have in common? A career in the insurance industry

Believe it or not, BCIT General Insurance and Risk Management Diploma program grads are working all over the world, doing everything from selling car insurance to hostage negotiations. Sounds too crazy to be true right? Well, we sat down with Program Head, Shaun Sinclair, and he filled us in on this exciting and diverse industry.

Range of Jobs

“A lot of people think that working in the insurance industry is all about auto plan insurance but that’s only 20% of the jobs available, “ says Shaun. “There are so many interesting jobs in the industry.”

The three main career paths are an underwriter, a broker, or a loss adjuster. As an underwriter you would work directly with an insurance company on insurance options that can range from basic auto to mining companies or even sports teams. As a broker, you present the insurance options that the underwriter brings forward to the client. Once an insurance claim is made that’s where loss adjusters come in. Loss adjusters can work on claims that vary from house insurance, to claims from shipping companies when pirates strike at sea.

Job in High Demand

“This program has had a 100% placement rate with students receiving an average starting salary of $45,000,” explained Shaun. Program Alumnus, Alexander Burton, says he went from graduation to his ideal career in no time. “My dream job was to be an Independent Claims Adjuster, which is what I do! BCIT was able to connect me with the right people to find my dream job right out of school.”

Flexible Work Spaces

The industry has very flexible jobs, with many companies offering employees the choice to work from home, in the office, or abroad. Find the company that fits your style.

Job Placements around the World

The education you receive in the program is transferable around the world.  “I have students whose first job was in London and Spain, it’s a really great industry if you want the opportunity to move abroad,” says Shaun.

With such a diverse offering of career choices, “it doesn’t matter what your interests are, if you are shy or boisterous or in between – there are roles for everyone,” comments Shaun.

Don’t just take our word for it – Alumnus Alexander Burton says, “the education from BCIT gives students the freedom to pursue the right career for themselves based on their unique skills and personalities”.

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