Social enterprise Café launches at BCIT


Burnaby Family Life (BFL) and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) are proud to announce the official opening of a new social enterprise Café at the Center for Applied Research and Innovation Centre (CARI) in Burnaby.

The multi-tenant BCIT building on Mathissi place (across from the main Willingdon Ave. campus) is now home to small Café and catering company, run by BFL. The space was previously run by a contracted, food services group, and is now provided free-of-charge to BFL.

“This partnership has created an incredible opportunity for Burnaby Family Life,” says BFL Executive Director Michel Pouliot. “This Café is not only going to be an opportunity to generate some much needed revenue to support community programing, but it is also providing employment to a couple of newcomers who will get the extra support they need.”

The Café focuses on providing fresh lunch items for the building tenants, including the Knowledge Network and BCIT applied research offices. The kitchen will also double-up as prep space for the BFL food outreach programs and a small catering business.

“In just a few months, this pilot project café has brought a whole community together. People are coming out of their offices and collaborating,” says BCIT President Kathy Kinloch. “By choosing to eat here, we’re supporting a valuable neighbourhood resource.”

The BFL Café is currently open 8am – 3pm, five days a week, with a rotating menu of tasty mains, soups, and vegan offerings.

Watch the below video from MLA Janet Routledge  on February 20, 2018 in the BC Legislature.

About Burnaby Family Life

BFL is a locally based non-profit organization that delivers a range of key services to children, families, vulnerable immigrants, refugees, and other individuals in Burnaby. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of the community. Since 1971, BFL has been offering quality community social services in Burnaby and in neighbouring communities. We’re building on that tradition and working everyday to make this a more inclusive, welcoming, and safe community for all.

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