10 things that can very easily take away from studying

The workload associated with being a BCIT student is pretty intense. This means, students like myself, have to spend most of their “free” time studying and reviewing their notes. As the hours go by at my desk, I have started to notice just how many things are out there trying to prevent me from being productive. Knowing that it is completely under my own control doesn’t seem to make ignoring these distractions any easier. Here are the ones that hurt my studying quality and quantity the most :

10. Daydreaming

One second I’m reading about the lymphatic drainage of the bronchioles and the next second I am thinking about that time I was at Deer Lake walking in the snow.

9. Music

I like to listen to music when I study (although I know that has proven to make studying less productive). When a REALLY good song comes on, I end up singing instead of studying.

8. Napping 

Student life makes me sleepy.

7. Yoga/ stretching

Sitting for a long time makes my body hurt and as soon as that happens, I like to take stretching breaks, it’s a good thing but still takes away from my notes.

8. The Gym

Studying for hours makes me antsy and since I live on campus the gym is close. Again, it’s a good thing but still takes up study time.

5. Snacking

Studying makes me hungry and if I’m near a kitchen I will end up there more often than I should.

4. Pinterest

If I start to daydream about crafts, home décor, or food I may absentmindedly open Pinterest.

3. Texting

If my phone buzzes, my attention leaves my notes instantly.

2. Instagram

This is another one that happens without me consciously being aware of it and I find myself throwing away 10-15 minutes scrolling through random photos.

1. Netflix

This is every students’ best friend at break time and enemy when studying is necessary.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of advice when it comes to avoiding all these distractors. I believe some of them are good for refreshing your mind and taking a break, just not too many breaks!

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