10 De-stress activities to do on campus

1. Climbing wall
BCIT Recreation has a drop in climbing wall that as a BCIT student you have access to whenever you feel like you need a break.

2. Working out
Whether its doing cardio or lifting weights, exercising will make you feel better. This one is my favourite because it helps me relieve stress and keeps my physical body fit.

3. Playing basketball
BCIT Recreation has an open gym Monday to Friday where you can shoot around for fun or play a 3 on 3 intense game if that is what you’re interested in. Its not just basketball that you are open to play. You can play any sport and its totally free.

4. Yoga Classes
BCIT Recreation offers a ton of classes, yoga is one of them that is well known to help relieve stress which is something you need when you’re taking seven courses.

5. Intramurals
BCIT recreation offers a wide variety of intramural sports that you can join as a single or team. It’s a great way to meet people, make friends and take your mind off school for a while.

6. Taking a nap
BCIT Library has nap pods just for you to take a nap when you need to refresh your mind. Sleep is extremely important everyone especially if you’re up all-night studying, taking a nap in your breaks is ideal.

7. Counselling
Counselling services are offered to every student and is totally free. Talking to someone can help you take out all the negativity out of you.

8. Zen Lounge Massages
The student association holds Zen lounge massages which are again totally free and for you to use. They are usually held in SE6. All you got to do is book it.

9. The Pub
The Habitat Pub is where a lot of people go enjoy a drink after a stressful day. They have music and a huge tv if there is a game that you want to catch.

10. Doggie De-stress days
These are days where there are a ton of adorable dogs in SE2 for you to go and play with.

I use these 10 activities whenever I am stressed. Comment on what works best for you.

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