Students cash-in with practical writing assignment

Each year, the bursary application deadline approaches and many students find themselves forgetting to apply because they are busy with their studies. That’s the benefit of taking a class with forward-thinking BCIT Communications instructor, Darlene Webb. For the past eleven years, Darlene has tasked her students with writing a bursary application.

“Students feel empowered when they see that their writing can have a fantastic result,” Darlene explains. “This writing assignment, in particular, offers students a clear and personal purpose, makes students feel more confident, and opens their minds to other writing tasks.”

BCIT Financial aid accepts bursary applications three times a year, which Darlene uses as a practical assignment for her communication class in the Technology Teacher Education Diploma program.

One student in particular, Arnel Aliwalas, was extremely successful with his bursary assignment. “Where do I even begin to describe Arnel?” says Darlene. “He is one of the most giving, selfless students I know. I am excited to see where his future as a teacher takes him.”

Arnel was recently recognized for his success with Darlene’s writing assignment, receiving a bursary from the Irving K. Barber British Columbia Scholarship Society worth $5,000.

“Not only was it research-related because we had to research relevant bursaries, but we also got feedback on our applications”, says Arnel. Before this assignment, he was unaware of the amount of financial support that is offered to students.

“The bursaries offered through BCIT give students such an awesome in-house opportunity to help with the cost of a modern day education,” comments Darlene. “Success with a bursary letter or scholarship application gives students the message that their writing is worth something.”

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  1. So wonderful to see communication and writing skills in action and to see the positive, practical results. Congrats to Arnel, and kudos to Darlene for focusing on “real world” applications. That’s dedication!

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