Preparing for your Multiple Mini Interview

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You have been checking your emails everyday and if you are like me probably multiple times a day, waiting to hear back to know if you got an interview. Waiting is the hardest part, hang in there! Finally you see CONGRATULATIONS, now it’s time to prepare for your Multiple Mini Interview.

Here are some tips:

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  1. What does it mean to be a good Sonographer? See what relates to you, keep in mind: how suitable you are to the program and as a Sonographer? I made sure to do research on everything Sonography related. If you found out something interesting about Sonography tell them or if you want to know more about something ask them.
  2. Look up Multiple Mini Interview. I looked up MMI for getting into Med School and watched YouTube videos for tips. I also read common interview questions, and wrote them down in a notebook along with my skills that match with those questions. Be prepared for anything.
  3. Be yourself, Be yourself, Be yourself. This is the most important. Be honest, don’t tell them what you think they want to hear, tell them what is true for yourself. Be sincere, genuine and show them your personality.
  4. Practice with a friend or a family member. They can give you great tips and give different opinions. They are a great resource of knowledge.

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  5. Think before answering questions. “What do you feel you need to improve on the most?” Don’t say a negative that is a hidden, not so hidden positive, such as, “I am too hard working”. Instead tell them what you really need to improve on and give examples on ways that you are trying to fix it. For example, “I want to improve on time management, I found that if I organize myself and make checklists that I have improved a lot.”
  6. Scenario questions. When answering questions, for instance, “Describe a situation where you had to [blank]”. Describe what you did, the results of your actions, what you learned and sometimes what you would do differently. If you don’t have an example of a situation then tell them what you would do.

Remember that you were chosen out of 300+ applicants, they saw something in you. Show them your excitement and how much it means to you.

I won’t forget the day I had my MMI, because it was on my Dad’s birthday. He is my lucky charm.


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6 thoughts on “Preparing for your Multiple Mini Interview”

    • Hi Sarah,

      I would say business casual. I have seen some business casual outfits with jeans, just avoid wearing jeans.

      I wore a nice shirt with a blazer, dress pants and black ballet flats.

      Hope that helps! Good Luck!


  1. Help! I have a interview next Tuesday! Do you Remember what kind of questions where asked? Is there anyway I can prepare myself before the interview date?

    • Congrats!
      We aren’t allowed to talk about specifics but can tell you what I did to prepare. I looked up MMI and watched YouTube videos on it, just to get an idea. I went over the regular interview type questions for jobs. I made sure to have some general knowledge about ultrasound. I just made sure to show them that I was interested in the program.

      Good luck



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