Heading into finals week!

Hey it’s Megan!

We are slowly wrapping up our courses and heading into finals week next week! My program (Human Resources) starts writing exams tomorrow and I’d like to kick it off by calling it “Finance Friday’s”, but I guess you can guess what exam I will be having!

I’m definitely not looking forward to the next week and here is what my schedule looks like:

FRIDAY: “Finance Friday’s”

This is one of the few tests I’m concerned about since this is worth 45% of my grade and any test with that weighting is scary to me. I have been preparing and reviewing all of my quizzes and homework to make me feel more confident with this test. Hopefully, it goes well!

MONDAY: Labour Relations + Business Law

These two exams I feel confident with both of them and feel well equipped. Each of these subjects I find interesting and know that it should be smooth sailings. Hopefully I didn’t jinx myself by saying that.

TUESDAY: Competency Analysis & Design 

The professor gave quite a few hints on what this exam should look like, so it made me feel a bit more confident about this exam. During this midterm, I enjoyed writing it since all of the questions were open-ended. Did I ever tell you how much I hate multiple choice? I know the answers are there, but I always happen to pick the wrong choice.

WEDNESDAY: Human Resource Management Systems 

This is another one of those scary tests I REALLY need to study for. It’s worth about 40% of my grade and I find that the concepts are harder to grasp since it’s about Human Resource Management Systems.

THURSDAY: Training & Development 

This one I’m just afraid of going to the wrong place since the date keeps switching on us.

FRIDAY: Human Resource Planning + Employment Relationships/ Conflict Management  

First, we need to hand in our take home finals and then we will be off writing another final for another course. Both of these tests are worth about 30% of our grades but I’m just hoping my brain isn’t fried by the end of the week!

If you are unsure where your exams are, click here. This website tells you the location, time, and course.

Good Luck on your finals!

Thanks for following my journey!


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