The art of traveling home from school for Christmas vacation

Although many students at BCIT call the lower mainland home, there are still many of us who travel to other provinces, countries and even continents to visit our families. Not everyone is able to make the journey home for the holidays due to the time commitment, weather conditions and astonishingly expensive prices.

If you do plan to travel home for the holidays, here are a few things I would suggest based on my own experiences crossing the country …

  • Book flights early

If you know the dates you can leave and come back do not hesitate to book. Airlines know that everyone wants to travel for the holidays so they purposely start ticket prices high and raise them over time. There is no benefit to waiting to book your flights

  • If you have to fly far, fly overnight 

I have a theory that flying overnight removed 85% of jetlag. As long as you ensure you are tired when you get on the plane, all you have to do is sleep as much as you can. The trick to making it work is taking a 2-3 hour nap as soon as you arrive home the next morning then go about your day in the time zone you’re in.

  • Play the “time zone game”

It is mind over matter. If you convince your mind it is 4pm, you body will believe it is 4pm and you can avoid the jetlag even more. The trick is to commit to the time you are in and not think about what time it is in B.C.

  • Bring a book

The semester is over, you don’t have to read to study anymore now you can read for fun! Plus books are great for passing the time between flights and on the plane (when you aren’t sleeping).

  • Make the most of every minute you are home

The student life is tough, we work hard all semester and deserve to sit back, relax and enjoy some family time.

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