My top four time management and productivity tools

Every student at BCIT can agree that there is never enough time in a day. Time management can be hard when you are juggling seven or more courses on your plate. Where is enough time in a day for school work, eating healthy, being active and everything else?

For me, I have trouble balancing a 40 hour work week, 2 part time courses, creating content for Life at BCIT, freelance work, meal prepping, working out, and staying connected with my family, friends and outside world. What tools do I use to time manage?

1. Inbox By Gmail Snooze Feature

Ever get an important email in the middle of class or while you are in the middle of a study session? Inbox by Gmail is a fresh new look in Gmail that helps you find the emails that matter most to you. For me, my favourite feature is the “snooze” button. Select a time when you would like the email to pop back into your inbox and don’t worry about it until then!

Inbox By Gmail - Snooze Feature
Inbox By Gmail – Snooze Feature

2. Scheduling tasks into your Calendar

So many things can be on your mind when you are trying to study. Often times, I find it hard to fall asleep at night when I have a million and one things on my mind. Send a Christmas card to mom and dad, email your program head, sell your Econ textbook. What’s the urgency on these tasks? Schedule it into your calendar and don’t worry about it until you see the reminder in your calendar! 

Google Calendar
Google Calendar – My week of October 22 to 28!

3. Limiting your Work in Progress with Kanban Board

When I have a bunch of tasks that need to be completed, I find myself multitasking between a handful of tasks. But not one task gets completed. A Kanban board is a visual representation of the “flow of your work” to communicate the status  and progress of your tasks. Kanban enforces the concept of “limiting your work in progress” – you can’t be working on 4 tasks at once. This board helps me keep focused only on the tasks that are in progress. 

MeisterTask Tool - Kanban Board
MeisterTask Kanban Board – Current tasks that are in progress and need to be done

4. How long did I spend on a task?

Ever wonder where did your day go? You thought you worked on an assignment the entire day but you haven’t finished. A simple task timer can give you insight on how long you spent on one task. Reflecting on the times, ask yourself, how can I be more efficient with the next assignment or lab?

Toggl Task Timer
Toggl Task Timer – How long did it take me to do my labs and assignments 😛

These are just a few of the tools I have found that help me manage my hectic schedule and help me limit too much multitasking. Comment down below what tools or methods you use to manage your time! 

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Merina Leong

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  1. Nice info Merina! Time management is so important, and the tools you’ve suggested are really beneficial. I really like the Kanban concept as well as the use of calendars.

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