The Waitlist

“Either moving up or down is better than standing there!”

Have you checked your “MyCommunication” in myBCIT account? The acceptance letter is now sent. If you made it, congrats. Otherwise, let’s have a positive outlook and try to apply or switch to your second choice. However, it is pretty hard to accept a truth: “being on the waitlist”.

What is the “waitlist”? It is like being in a complicated relationship. They really want to date you, but they aren’t available right now, and they still keep your number. That is how I feel. According to the letter, because there are so many people who desire to learn in a particular program, if an application gets submitted late, most likely you’ll end up on the waitlist. At BCIT, many programs declare “first come, first serve” on the website so that applicants can submit their transcripts and tests early while the seats are available. Some programs only accept students in the Fall term meaning if they get waitlisted, students will have to wait till the following year. Additionally, there are competitive programs that also have waitlist students. Unlike the “first come, first serve” programs, these competitive programs will wait for students to submit their application before the deadline and review once. Students with the highest scores will be accepted. Those students who have good scores will be on the waitlist. That is how the waitlist is, and its consequences can be waiting a full year.

So what happens if you are on the waitlist for your program of choice at BCIT?

This is a tough question that I had to ask myself. Being on the waitlist for Computer Systems Technology meant that I could choose to wait and take part-time courses. It is good to know part-time courses can be transferred into full-time diploma programs. However, it isn’t cheap. My other option was that I could switch to another program which is kind of related to Computer System Technology. At the end of the day, I chose my second one. First, because I am an international student and I have to maintain my full-time status by studying continually in Canada, I cannot wait. Secondly, I need to carefully consider my program options based on my finances. Therefore, from my perspective, I will move on to another mysterious pathway that will lead me to learn new things. I know that other international students may be in the same situation like me: being on the waitlist. I hope the choices you decide to make are right for you!

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  1. Hi was wondering how long is the wiatlist for part time and full time sonsography?
    What is the price difference?

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