How students can pull off Thanksgiving away from home

This week’s post is for all of the students at BCIT who are too far away from home to have Thanksgiving with their families. I come from a family who loves Thanksgiving and takes turkey cooking very seriously. It has always been my favourite holiday and has therefore been very difficult to spend it away from home.

The first year that I was away was pretty tough but since then I have decided to establish some new traditions and successfully create a Thanksgiving dinner of my own.

The most important thing to realize is that cooking a turkey is actually extremely easy. It involves little more than taking the turkey out of its wrapping and sticking it in the oven for most of the day. As a result the entire house gets to smell delicious while you prepare your other dishes.

From there it is all about timing. You need to ensure that the potatoes, stuffing and other dishes (everyone has different sides they traditionally make) are all ready at approximately the same time so you can keep everything warm and fresh!

I will admit that my first attempt at Thanksgiving dinner was not as good as my second and I am hoping this year will be even better. I mention this in attempts to calm any nerves you might have about cooking and organizing your own dinner. Each year you will get a little more comfortable and a little more skilled.

The point of all of this is to assure the out of town students that Thanksgiving dinner is still a possibility. An even better way to have the dinner making process run smoothly is to share the responsibility and have friends around to lend a hand. There is truly nothing better than sitting down with people you love to share a thankful and delicious meal! In the end, if all else fails, use Google for guidance and call your mom! That’s what I do!


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