Sonography Student Life Part 2

Week 3

Things are picking up quickly as we have already had assignments, homework, modules, quizzes, and more! In our lab we image each other to practice and you can imagine we get pretty close pretty fast – I don’t let just anyone see my heart. The lab is nice, we have comfortable beds and the lights are dim, it’s very relaxing, if you’re lucky you might even get a tummy massage out of it.

One minute I will be scanning and feeling confident in my abilities, then I’ll come back to do the same thing and realize how much of a rookie I really am. It’s a roller-coaster, lots of ups and downs. Luckily the instructors are always there and during lab class we have two instructors for every two students scanning.

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Week 4

This week, we had our first term test. I always find that my anxiety is highest for the first test because I don’t know what to expect. I also had my first imaging assignment. I started with scanning the ‘patient’ (a fellow student) to familiarize where everything was because everyone is so different. Then I started the assignment which are done on your own time. Nothing really changes from my regular practice routine but it felt very different. I instantly was more nervous and I didn’t feel that I performed as well as I did in practice.

In general ultrasound, you can put the probe down anywhere and you will see something. However, being able to identify what you are seeing is the hard part. Cardiac ultrasound is a completely different story. You put your probe down and ribs are obstructing your view. So you slide over and then the lungs are obstructing your view.  You have to find the perfect spot but once you do, you know you are probably looking at the heart. Which one do I enjoy doing most? As of now I am really not sure.

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<= My first month at school…


…AND I CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN! Here come the MIDTERMS, there is one midterm almost every week in October. Bring it on!

November is when BCIT starts taking new applications for the 2018 cohort and I will have a post or maybe several posts about tips on getting into the program that worked for me. Interested? Learn more about the application process.

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